3 Cyber Security Trends to Avoid Cyber Frauds

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Here are the 3 Cyber Security Trends that you should follow to avoid the Cyber Frauds in India. Go through the presentation to know more......


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3 Cyber Security Trends to Avoid Cyber Frauds

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1. Open source security ● Companies are increasingly adopting open source software which also increases the risk of exposure to open source security vulnerabilities according to CB Insights. ● However new tools in the market can help ensuring open source code so that developers and companies can take advantage of it. ● Stay tuned to companies that are developing systems to continuously monitor the dependencies of open source applications and those that allow analysts to respond quickly when new vulnerabilities are detected.

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2. Zero-knowledge proofs ● Zero knowledge tests represent a turning point in data privacy allowing multiple parties to confirm that they are aware of confidential information without disclosing such information according to the report. ● The application of ZKP to cryptocurrency could also lead to advances in privacy the report said. While the technology is still computationally expensive experiments have been conducted in areas that include finance and pharmaceuticals it added.

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3. Blockchain security Although part of the hype around the blockchain is fading blockchain security tools also known as smart contract security can protect corporate blockchains that are in use against targeted attacks. "Protecting corporate blockchain ecosystems and auditing smart contracts will be more important as institutions incorporate these technologies into critical business applications" the report said. Contact the best Cyber Law Firms In India

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