History Of Scuba Mask

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History Of Scuba Mask


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History Of Scuba Mask:

History Of Scuba Mask

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Human eyes are not able to see underwater, so diver have to wear a face mask to see underwater; the reason for this is that the optical density of water is completely different to air for which the eye is designed.

Origin of scuba mask : 1950:

Origin of scuba mask : 1950 In 1950's face mask was made at home from a piece of circular glass and bicycle inner tube,but by the end of the 1950s scuba mask design was beginning to evolve from this circular design to an oval, allowing for a wider field of view.


1960 Two panes of glass were added to the sides of scuba mask . Low-profile masks featured a nose pocket below the lens that allowed the glass to be closer to the eyes, reducing the volume of air contained within the mask.


1980 Silicone has been used. It is more comfortable for the diver due to its greater flexibility and longer lasting because it is less susceptible to damage from sunlight.

For more information about Scuba mask, visit here : http://www.primescuba.com/:

For more information about Scuba mask, visit here : http://www.primescuba.com/ Now the scuba mask are consist of lightweight plastic frame, glass lenses and a silicone rubber skirt. Scuba mask enables you to see underwater properly.

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