Types of underwater camera

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Types of underwater camera


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Types Of Underwater Camera:

Types Of Underwater Camera

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For capturing the flora and fauna underwater camera are amazing tools. These cameras are gaining popularity day by day amongst divers and research scientists. Underwater cameras are designed for underwater still and video photography. These cameras are designed such that protects them from the water and damage caused by pressure.

Two types of underwater camera:

Two types of underwater camera There are two types of underwater camera available : Housing system cameras Amphibious cameras

Housing system cameras:

Housing system cameras These underwater camera are considered superior for their accuracy of composition. For auto-focus SLR cameras are placed in the system. This sysytem is preferred for taking macro- shots. enables viewing through the lens more accurately and better composition control.

Amphibious cameras:

Amphibious cameras These underwater camera are waterproof. These cameras are are small, compact and easy to transport. This is also known as submersible viewfinder cameras. They are highly preferred by scientists, in their exploring expeditions.

For more information about underwater camera, visit here : http://www.primescuba.com/:

For more information about underwater camera, visit here : http://www.primescuba.com/ These underwater cameras are very easily available in market. You can choose camera according to your requirement. Enjoy your dive with underwater cameras.

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