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Shadow Company - the most entertaining and award-winning feature-length documentary movie about private military company, takes you deep inside this secret world that is changing the face of modern warfare. Voiced by Hollywood star Gerard Butler.


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Shadow Company explores the moral and ethical issues private military solutions create for private military companies ( PMC) employees, for the Western governments who foot the bill for their salaries, and for everyday citizens like you. The filmmakers traveled the globe to expose all sides of the issue, interviewing PMC staff, owners and lobbyists, former mercenaries, academics, journalists and top authors.

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The only documentary film EVER to film with Blackwater USA. Pre-release Screenings on Capitol Hill for Members of Senate and Congress (2006) 4 time LEO award winners (LEO is a Canadian Film and TV award) ■ LEO Awards – Best Documentary (2007) ■ LEO Awards – Best Director – Documentary (2007) ■ LEO Awards – Best Writing – Documentary (2007) ■ LEO Awards – Best Editing – Documentary (2007)

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Director/Writer/Producer Nick Bicanic invited to testify in front of US Senate Committee investigating usage of Private Contractors in Iraq as an expert witness. Director/Writer/Producer Nick Bicanic is a regular guest on factual TV and Radio programs nationwide (and in many foreign territories) including ABC, NBC, CBC, BBC, Al-Jazeera, Fox News to name a brief selection.

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Theatrical release in NYC sponsored by Amnesty International. Overwhelming positive commentary about the film in major news media (New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Toronto Globe and Mail, CBC, NBC, ABC)

Slide 6: Order the full 86 minute DVD of Shadow Company. This special edition 6-panel digipak, complete with hours of extras is a must see for anyone interested in how Private Military organizations are changing the face of modern warfare. The DVD includes: ■ Commentary from directors Nick Bicanic and Jason Bourque ■ Commentary from director Nick Bicanic and Robert Young Pelton ■ Video of our screening and panel discussion in Washington DC ■ Additional scenes and outtakes

Slide 7: Quotes “A must-see film for anyone who is concerned about our military and security being privatized.” Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky (D) “A thorough and balanced look at the use of private security forces in Iraq. ” Raises serious questions.” Senator Ted Kennedy (D) ”In addition to being extremely well-executed, I thought its even-handed tone was particularly sophisticated - encouraging an audience to consider the complexity of the issue, rather than the more exploitative depictions with which the subject is usually treated” Edward Zwick - Director of "Blood Diamond", Glory, Legends of the Fall “Great job. Covers a controversial issue in an evenhanded fashion.” - Colonel Thomas X. Hammes, USMC (retired)

Slide 8: Quotes “Illuminating. Shows a different view of conflict than you'll get from the evening news.” - New York Times “Powerful and Fair” - Amnesty International “Fantastic - educational and entertaining.” - Morgan Spurlock, Director of “Super Size Me” “Sit up and pay attention. Explosive and energetic look at the controversial subject of modern-day 'mercenaries'” - Variety

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