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At Christine Valmy, we are committed to giving you the best education in Skin Care, Esthetics, Cosmetology, Manicuring, Nail Art, Makeup, Beauty and Spa Treatments available today.


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Company Overview : 

Established in 1965, the Christine Valmy Company was the first to specialize in scientific skin care in the United States Christine Valmy Inc. is unique in offering a full complement of skin care products, education, and services Our Byogenic® products and schools enable estheticians to deliver the best, most innovative treatments Recognized worldwide for excellence, we are the ultimate resource for skin care Company Overview

Introducing Christine Valmy : 

With persistence, innovation, and commitment, Christine Valmy has dedicated the past 50 years to educating estheticians and changing the way people approach skin care throughout the world Introducing Christine Valmy

Christine Valmy – The Legend! : 

Ms. Valmy revolutionized the skin care profession in the United States by originating the field of esthetics The 92nd Congress of the United States awarded her a citation for her work in training upcoming estheticians and establishing a new profession with countless job opportunities In 1985, Ms. Valmy was appointed to the United States National Council on Vocational Education to assist in the development of the country’s policies of vocational education Ms. Valmy teaches seminars in esthetics and is currently working on a new publication Christine Valmy – The Legend!

Christine Valmy – The Legend Continues : 

Christine Valmy’s philosophy has always been to reveal the natural beauty of the skin Our products do not cover or conceal problems, instead they strive to promote enduring improvements so that the skin will radiate with its own true healthy beauty Christine Valmy product formulas are the innovative result of a search through skin care history for long forgotten ingredients that offer new benefits in caring for today’s skin problems There are no other products available anywhere that can begin to compare with these wonderful formulations because they are based on holistic and homeopathic principles that truly improve the skin and help even the most problem skin to become the best that it possibly can Christine Valmy – The Legend Continues

Christine Valmy Product Lines : 

Our products are used in over 4000 salons in the US and many more abroad. Unlike most skin care products that act only on surface symptoms, Christine Valmy products work in a symbiotic way with the skin to promote deep health improvements that last long-term. Our innovative combinations of unlikely ingredients made from complex chains of proteins, amino acids and botanicals, help to replicate a healthy skin’s lipid layer and enhance its natural ability to repair problems and cope with internal and external stress on its own. Christine Valmy Product Lines

Byogenic® Line : 

Best known for the its extensive acne skin preparations, this line was developed to be an indispensable resource for skin care treatments. The Byogenic® line combines all-natural active ingredients for a diversity of skin types. It offers solutions to counteract oily skin problems, maintain proper moisture balance in dehydrated skin, nourish dry skin and protect all skin types from adverse environmental conditions. A true work horse of a treatment line, it allows the esthetician to perform the highest quality facial treatments at a cost effective price. Byogenic® Line Esthetician Treatment Line

Fifth Avenue Line : 

This botanically supercharged line loaded with concentrated plant extracts, vitamins, and amino acids offers solutions for excessive dryness, sensitivity, and dark spots. The extracts used in this line are many more times concentrated than those commonly used and are specially grown and processed to optimize their benefits. Clients see and feel rapid results. Fifth Avenue Line Enhancing Aromatherapy Line for Damaged Skin

Slide 10: 

A highly effective product line with no fragrances, artificial colors, or AHA’s, the Peach Suite Line was developed with the most sensitive skin in mind and offers true anti-aging properties. Vitamin C, Gingko Biloba, and Super Oxide Dismutase kill free radicals and minimize the effect of aging on the skin, while a combination of plant extracts with CQ10 help to compensate for imbalances brought on by hormonal fluctuations. Morus Root Extract is added to fight the formation of hyper pigmentation. Peach Suite Line™ Anti-aging Sensitive Skin Line

Floratique Line™ : 

Soothing and emollient-rich, the Floratique Line restores both body and soul. Essential oils calm, soothe, and revive tired, aching muscles. Our creams hydrate dry skin and provide a protective seal to prevent the escape of essential moisture. Toning formulas work wonders on the “orange peel” appearance of cellulite, while incredibly wonderful body exfoliation based on enzymes leaves skin soft and glowing. Floratique Line™ Stress-relieving Aromatherapy Skin Care Addressing All Needs For The Body

Valmy For Men™ : 

Specially formulated light-textured, non-clogging products address men’s skin care needs. Valmy for Men facilitates irritation-free shaving, fights ingrown hairs, and helps solve dryness and enlarged pores-all without leaving a greasy feeling. The products’ aromatherapy fragrance is based on mountain herb extracts and oils. Valmy For Men™ No-nonsense Skin Care for Men

. . . Skin Care Products That Work. : 

Each Christine Valmy formula reinforces and builds upon the strengths of the others to form a chain of protection and well being for the skin, giving it all that it needs to combat the damaging effects of time and elements Our products do not try to change your skin or mask problem conditions Instead, they Boost the biological functions of the skin so that it can maintain a healthy balance and resolve problem conditions for itself. Soothe and relax stressed out skin by offering it ingredients like oat and aloe that feel good and ease irritation. Our products are so comforting you could say they are like “chicken soup” for the skin! . . . Skin Care Products That Work.

Christine Valmy Labs : 

Christine Valmy Labs

Christine Valmy Labs : 

Christine Valmy Inc. maintains its own product development lab and manufacturing facilities, which gives the company complete control over product quality. We develop unique formulas using only the best ingredients, and never make substitutions to lower our costs or simplify production. Our state-of-the-art laboratory is approved to manufacture over the counter drugs, and regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. Christine Valmy Labs

Christine Valmy Labs : 

Combining ingredients from age-old traditions of Ayurveda and ancient China with 21st century elements and techniques, Christine Valmy produces the most advanced, cutting edge, cosmoceuticals possible today Our formulas are the innovative result of a search throughout skin care history for long forgotten ingredients that can offer new benefits in caring for today’s skin problems We use the finest quality extracts for our formulas, from botanicals such as St. John’s Wort, Lupin, Primrose Oil, Neem, Amla, and Pumpkin, and combine them with complex proteins, amino acids, vitamins and minerals This yields a product that strengthens and stabilizes the collagen and elastin fibers of the skin, while making it feel good and enhancing its ability to correct problem conditions Christine Valmy Labs

Christine Valmy International Schools : 

More than 60,000 estheticians have been trained at the Christine Valmy International Schools Christine Valmy International Schools

Christine Valmy International Schools : 

Combining the ancient traditions of Ayurveda and Chinese Healing arts with European esthetics and the latest advances in biology, chemistry, herbology, and nutrition, the Christine Valmy International Schools offer dynamic classes in skin care, cosmetology, makeup, nail artistry, and spa treatments Christine Valmy International Schools

Christine Valmy International Schools : 

Emphasis on hands-on training, working with actual clients in a true salon atmosphere, produces graduates who understand the day-to-day realities of the beauty industry Christine Valmy International Schools prepare students for the beauty field, the business world, and life Christine Valmy International Schools

The Christine Valmy Difference:Top Ten Facts : 

The Christine Valmy Difference:Top Ten Facts 1. Over 60 Years of Experience Christine Valmy Inc. was established in Europe in the 1940s and in the U.S. in the 1960s. Every day we advance our tradition of uncompromising innovation. 2. Outstanding Research and Development Executive Director Marina Valmy is a certified chemist and together with a dedicated staff develops results oriented products with the consumer in mind. Formulas and procedures combine practical and theoretical approaches to promote long-term skin health and give the esthetician an unmistakable advantage.

The Christine Valmy Difference: Top Ten Facts : 

The Christine Valmy Difference: Top Ten Facts 3. Unique, Innovative Formulations Most companies’ “specialized” skin care products are really generalized formulations with a few added ingredients. Thanks to our truly specialized formulations and rigorous lab procedures, Christine Valmy products convey exactly what a particular skin type requires for radiant health, without clogging it with unnecessary ingredients. 4. Finest Ingredients Christine Valmy spares no expense in finding and using only the freshest, purest, most concentrated ingredients of pharmaceutical and nutritional grade from around the world--from the exotic cosmoceuticals of France and Japan, Brazilian Bromelain, Austrian Chamomile and Hammamelis from Nairobi to Chinese Matricaria. We rigorously control batch sizes and production to maximize freshness and ensure the effectiveness of our formulas.

The Christine Valmy Difference: Top Ten Facts : 

The Christine Valmy Difference: Top Ten Facts 5. Independent Lab Christine Valmy Inc. maintains its own product development lab and manufacturing facilities, giving the company absolute control over product quality. 6. Reveal, Not Conceal Philosophy Our all natural, botanically based products return proper function to the skin and restore its true healthy beauty. With our time proven products and techniques your client is assured that their skin is the best it can be. 7. We Never Use Animal Testing

The Christine Valmy Difference: Top Ten Facts : 

The Christine Valmy Difference: Top Ten Facts 8. Knowledgeable Volunteers Test Our Products Christine Valmy is unique in having both the manufacturing laboratory and a school that offers us an enthusiastic group of volunteers to test products and techniques. Their detailed feedback lets us observe a product’s long-term effect on a full range of skin types, and bring tested efficacious products to the market place. 9. Real-World Training Christine Valmy International Schools immerse students in the newest and best techniques and products. More importantly, our emphasis on hands-on training produces graduates who understand the day-to-day realities of the beauty industry.

The Christine Valmy Difference: Top Ten Facts : 

The Christine Valmy Difference: Top Ten Facts 10. A Lifelong Commitment Christine Valmy promotes its graduates’ careers by providing them with a lifetime of support, advice, and continuing education with advance seminars in a diversity of areas from Lymphatic Drainage, Color Therapy, Aromatherapy through Body Spa Treatments.

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