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White Rose Cheer Parent Meeting :

White Rose Cheer Parent Meeting Monday 2 nd January 2017

Welcome back!:

Welcome back! We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Years celebration. We are so excited to get started on a brand new year at White Rose Cheer! Thank you all for coming to the meeting today to discuss some very important changes we are considering within our program. We actively want your thoughts and opinions so after we have explained why we have gathered you all here today, please let us know what you’re all thinking!

White Rose Cheer are considering a move.:

White Rose Cheer are considering a move. “The White House” will be located at Bruntcliffe Academy Bruntcliffe Lane Morley Leeds LS27 0LZ

A new home :

A new home Level Up Academy (current training venue) New home at Bruntcliffe Academy, Morley Where we are now (approx.) at Tingley WMC Bruntcliffe Academy is 4 miles away from Level Up Academy. (10 mins drive, close to Morley Rail station).

Some FAQ’s about our new home:

Some FAQ’s about our new home If you have any further questions that our FAQs didn’t answer, please make sure you ask us at the end.

Why are we considering a move?:

Why are we considering a move? Our new venue will allow us to: Start more teams as we have much more time and space Train in a quieter, more exclusive environment, free of other athletes and building works etc. Freeze fees to parents as there’ll be no unexpected price raises Give our athletes more opportunities to develop their skills within our sport

Why Bruntcliffe Academy?:

Why Bruntcliffe Academy? Bruntcliffe Academy is a large secondary school with 1,200 pupils. They have just appointed a new Head of PE, who is keen to add to the already stellar reputation their PE department has. We were approached with the idea of creating a partnership in which we as coaches and teachers work closely with the pupils and staff in the school to develop their gymnastics within the PE curriculum, and they in turn open up their facilities each evening. The pupils at Bruntcliffe School will have access to our Sprung Floor during the day. We hope to work closely with the school and its network of Primaries to develop our existing teams and to help build new ones. Growth of the program is a great thing – it means more opportunities for our athletes, more teams to help us find that “perfect fit” for each and every athlete, and of course more chances for us to enable more people to access cheerleading and all the benefits it offers to young people in the area.

What will our training space consist of?:

What will our training space consist of? A large gymnasium, 70ft x 40ft An extensively large further space with high ceiling – we intend to use some of this as a parent waiting area and some space to run smaller classes – stunt groups, low level private sessions, etc. A large fully equipped dance studio with wooden floor Car parking access with plenty of spaces

What surface will we be training on?:

What surface will we be training on? We are in the process of purchasing our own full size sprung floor. We are intending the delivery of this floor to coincide with the date we move into Bruntcliffe . There is a chance we may have a number of weeks where we train on the mats only whilst waiting for the springs. Classes held in the second large space will be held on heavy duty gym mats provided to us by the school. Classes held in the dance studio will be held directly on the wooden surface (dance classes) or on heavy duty gym mats provided to us by the school (where required). Pieces of equipment owned by White Rose Cheer (the airtrack , the octagonal barrel, the wedge, and panel mats) will all be coming with us to our new venue. The school has a large array of crash mats, box tops, trampettes and springboards that we will have full access to.

Does it mean anything for parents/guardians in terms of fees?:

Does it mean anything for parents/guardians in terms of fees? As our new venue is more competitive than what we pay to Level Up for use of their facilities, we will be able to freeze all fees as they currently stand, for the considerable future. We have so far managed to cover the cost of unexpected raises of fees from our venue without passing them on to our parents – any further expense would mean us passing them on to you in order to make ends meet – something we feel very strongly we do not want to do. This is a significant reason why we feel a move is in our best interests – we are anticipating a further raise.

Will any of the class times change as a result?:

Will any of the class times change as a result? We intend to keep all cheer and pom dance classes running at the same times for the remainder of the season (until the end of July). We will once again do an Athlete Information Form for our new season to ascertain availability and aim to place every athlete on a team they can commit to. Tumble classes will run at the same time as before in the main gymnasium. We anticipate that all Stunt Groups and existing private sessions will remain the same but will always communicate proposed changes to parents and athletes before these decisions are made. If you know you are going to struggle the rest of the season because of the move for distance reasons, please let us know individually and we will discuss with other families the possibility of a car-share.

Will there be any extra opportunities for the cheerleaders as a result of the move?:

Will there be any extra opportunities for the cheerleaders as a result of the move? We aim to add at least two more teams within 1-2 months of moving into the venue, in particular a Senior Level 1 team and a new Junior team. We now have the scope/time/space to add many more teams within the White Rose program. We are looking at developing our dance program with the addition of the Dance Studio and are hoping to add more Pom dance classes, and starting classes in contemporary/lyrical with Coach Vanessa and eventually hip-hop too. We will be able to open up many more Private Session slots with the extra space – this will go live on Setmore once we have moved. With the space also being ours on a weekend (for an extra premium) we can run Open Gyms, open to all ages, on set Saturdays/Sundays depending on demand. There will be available slots within our training schedule for cheer and dance athletes to branch into further divisions within competitions – most notably solos and duos. We hope to start running more specialist classes – first on the list is stretching/conditioning, level 3 and up tumble class, and adults boot camp/keep fit! We hope in Season 2017-2018 to create our first Travel Team which will train in the gym for one weekend per month (or thereabouts). This team will be made up of athletes throughout the program (and potentially some athletes who wish to join us from other programs for this team only) and will travel to a competition abroad - we are considering competitions in France, Germany and the USA.

What happens now?:

What happens now? We’d love to give you all the opportunity to tell us your feelings on the possibility of us moving the program to Bruntcliffe Academy. If the general consensus is that it would be a good move for our athletes, we will make it official with the school and put the wheels in motion to set up the gymnasium with our equipment. A moving date will be confirmed with you all as soon as we know the floor delivery date. This could be any time from the end of January until after Legacy. We will also give our notice at Level Up Academy tonight or tomorrow with our intention to leave at this time. We ask that you all respect our wishes that we are the ones who tell them about our move, in person. Those who will be in the gym tonight for O2 training please do not discuss this matter within the gym.

Mid Season Review:

Mid Season Review We have been summatively reviewing all athletes throughout the first half of this season to ascertain whether we feel they are on the correct team for them. There have been a few changes within some teams and every athlete who is switching teams and/or taking on a second team will be beginning training with their team from this week onwards.

Mini team split:

Mini team split One of the major changes we are making is that we have decided to split our large Mini team Origin into two smaller teams. This split that we are proposing is not final and we may still trial athletes in their sister team. Both teams will still continue to train at the same time on the same day. The reason why we have done this is to ensure we keep our staff to athlete ratios as low as possible, given the age of the athletes and the amount of coaching they need. We feel that both teams as smaller teams will stand a much better chance of placing well at competition than as a large team where focus can be lost and pitching to a level that suits all athletes becomes much more difficult. The slightly larger team will be coached by Kelly and Laura, and the smaller team by Helena, Sophie and Rozie . It also enables us to welcome more athletes into our program. Whereas before we could only welcome in 5 more athletes, we now have space to take 35 more under 8s. Any new starters will most likely be placed in the smaller team. We know for a fact that the teams will NOT face each other at Legacy in Birmingham in March. We will try to avoid the teams facing each other at ICC Blackpool in July and are working with the competition company to discuss some options. As always with every team placement, each athlete has been looked at in terms of what stunting position they bring to a team, what level of tumbling they have, whether we know they are confident performers or just finding their feet. We want every child to feel like they are useful and are adding to a team, and are working to their own personal level. Please trust us!

Mini 1 Origin (15 athletes):

Mini 1 Origin (15 athletes) Tahlia P Maddie S Sarah D Evie F Ruby F Mia T Emily S Grace M Maisie B Annalise B Alexandra D Melissa B Erin R Eloise H Jessica A Mini 1 Opal (10 athletes) Alice H Chloe W Maddie W Mia W Florence T Maizie M Erin M Georgia M Yasmine S Gracie-Leigh H

Senior/Junior changes:

Senior/Junior changes We have decided going forward that our Junior Level 2 team, O2, will become a Senior Level 2 team after the upcoming competition in Blackpool. They will compete as a Senior team in Birmingham in March and Blackpool in July. The Senior Level 2 division is arguably the most competitive division within cheerleading. We want this team to be a true flagship for our program and therefore we are keeping the team very small. No athlete who is in school Year 5 or below will be able to train with the team in order to comply with USASF Age Guidelines for Senior teams. All athletes invited to be a part of this team either already have or are actively working Level 3 tumbles, on the premise that we hope this team will move into the Level 3 division next season if the stunting and tumbling are at par with the industry standard. All athletes who already cross into another team will now be single team athletes and focus on that team only. We will refund any parents who have paid Option 1 Competition Fees to reflect the fact that these athletes will be now only focusing on one team. From February we will only expect training fees to return to £30. We have been advised to reduce our crossovers by various competition companies. Our existing Senior 2 team, Omega, will return to being an adult only team and will now only be accepting athletes over the age of 17. All athletes who have been a part of this team who fall below this age will now no longer be competing with this team and we have to stress that this is not a reflection on their abilities! Omega will then enter the Open category at their final two competitions of the season. O2 will train on Monday 7-9pm, and Omega Tuesday 7.30-9pm.

Senior 2 - O2:

Senior 2 - O2 Vanessa W Katie W Emma R Jess S Jess M Mia S Emily G Lillie B Ella B Megan W Gracie K Olivia H Open 2 - Omega Vanessa W Emma R Jess S Helena K Beccy R Rozie K Sophie B Adele M Amanda S Plus any new over 17s.

Tiny 0/1 Orion:

Tiny 0/1 Orion Benjamin William Evie Ellie Lacey Betty Ava Payton Plus any new 3-5s.

Youth 2 Orbit (23 athletes):

Youth 2 Orbit (23 athletes) Keira F Charlotte W Mollie H Evie F Keira F Gracie F Jadine T Jess H Neve F Jess C Ellie J Youth 1 Odyssey (22 athletes) Millie B Alexa G Mia P Mayci -Lou B Lucie H Megan H Riley H Georgia W Holly-May H Erin R Annalise B Nikki S Megan W Ellie W Jessica W Maddie S Katie TB Chelsea C Lauren H Scarlett N Olivia H Evie M Gracie K Ella B Lillie B Tahlia P Catalina M Maisie B Martha Shauna Leah-Megan S Lexie F Eloise H Emily G

Junior 1 Ovation (29 athletes):

Junior 1 Ovation (29 athletes) Mia T Lucy W Olivia P Jadine T Ruby B Libby F Tianna K Dannielle W Katy J Abbie-Leigh H Niamh W Katie TB Maia F Darcey M Keira R Chelsea C Lauren H Amy O’R Millie F Aimee F Skye M Molly W Emma B Bella R Ella S Evie M Emily S Charlotte O Izzy

Team Reps!:

Team Reps! Orion – Rebekah Hutchison Origin – Cheryl Pemberton Opal – Adele Moon Odyssey – Tracy Findlay Orbit – Jayne Kitching Ovation – Gary Harmer O2 – Rachel George Omega – Beccy Ranoble (captain) A big congratulations and thankyou to everyone who registered their interest with becoming a Team Rep. Expect a Facebook Group invite soon and details of our first meeting to discuss duties/expectations!

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