The United States and World War II

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The United States and World War II:

The United States and World War II By: Adam Wodach

Content Standards and Big Idea:

Content Standards and Big Idea 11.7.2 Explain U.S. and Allied wartime strategy, including the major battles of Midway, Normandy, Iwo Jima, Okinawa and the Battle of the Bulge. The big goal of this unit is to be able to identify and understand the big battles the United States took part in during World War II. Each student should be able to discuss who took part in the fighting as well as the key points of the battle (who won/lost ect.) - Having to use powerpoint is a major technological skill that students can benefit from learning how to use and the activities in this project make students use one to present their project. - Students will also be required to take an online quiz which is a great way to make use of the access students have to technology and it is a great way to see how well the students understood the subject quickly. - A major skill students need to have in the 21st century is learning how to present and speak in front of people and having to present their PowerPoint practices this skill.

Learning Objectives and Assessments :

Learning Objectives and Assessments - Lesson Objectives - Students need to understand the allied offensive in Europe. - Students need to understand the U.S. offensive in the Pacific. - Students should understand how the fighting in the Europe with Germany was different than the fighting with Japan in the Pacific. -Assessment - The PowerPoint presentation will give the teacher a very good idea on whether the students understood the major battles the United States took part in during World War II. - Each student is required to make a map showing the U.S island hopping strategy in the Pacific. If students successfully complete the map they have a good understanding of the U.S strategy in the Pacific. - The online quiz the students take at the end of the map activity will really give the teacher a good idea of where his students are at and if the teacher needs to help his students more on the subject.


Activities! The teacher will divide the students into groups. Each group will be given one of the allied major battles such as Okinawa, Normandy, Iwo Jima, Midway or the Battle of the Bulge. Throughout the project the group will be creating a powerpoint which tells us the two sides that fought in the battle, who the generals were, the main points about the battle, and an interesting fact about the battle the group found interesting. Once every group finishes their battle they will present their powerpoint to the class and the rest of the class will take notes. Students who are more creative and include pictures will earn a better grade. The fighting between the United States and Japan in the Pacific theatre is an often forgotten part of World War II. In this activity students will be given a map blank map of the pacific and they will be required to trace out the attack plan by the United States. Students also need to look at the type of fighting that took place here and on the back of their map talk about how the fighting was different in the Pacific than Europe. Students will then take a quiz online at All The Tests which will test each student on the Pacific and will tell the student how well the did on their map.

Why did I choose this topic?:

Why did I choose this topic? -On a personal level World War II is one of my favorite topics. It was a complete global conflict that affected almost every single person in the world and drastically changed it forever. I have found that most students love this topic as well and I look forward to those students being very engaged during class. - This is a great class to do a technology rich unit on because the 1940’s was just starting to improve their video technology so their is some really good video footage of the time which really allows the students to connect with the subject.

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