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PowerPoint Presentation: Morocco the Best Travelling Destination When we think about the traveling then one of the beautiful location comes in everyone mind that is Morocco. There are the several reasons behind thinking about the morocco and one of them is its beautiful beaches. Because morocco is very famous for it’s clean, cool and busy beaches. Morocco is the dream of any traveler and its main points of attractions are its fortified fishing ports, lush oases, and abundant flora and high Atlas Mountains. Morocco coasts and countryside offers a huge amount of visiting places here in the morocco.

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Best Time to Visit Morocco One of the greatest features of the morocco is that it is good for visiting throughout the year. Because its weather makes very exhausting to travel and you can visit the places of interest during the day. If we talk about the best time to visit this country and take morocco tours would be during the season of autumn. During this time Morocco once again becomes a major travelling destination.

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Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean If we talk about the demographics of the morocco then you may come to know many new things about the morocco. It is situated in North Africa with coast in the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. In Size, Morocco is little smaller then the state of California, United States. Morocco has been occupied for at least 10000 years. Morocco is the nation of the continent, and it is not a member of the African union, and it is also associated with the Mediterranean dialogue group, and other Arab League. Morocco is also a friend of the United States even though it is not a member of NATO.

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Culture of the Morocco The main center of the attraction in morocco is its culture. The culture of the morocco tells us about the ethics and civilization of the morocco and its tradition and many of other concepts which is considered as most essential and important as well as for the peoples. Markets are also one of the most important and a great point of attraction in the morocco. Marrakech has the largest traditional market in morocco and also having the busiest square in the entire continent of Africa.

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As everyone wants to have fun during his travel and holidays, that’s why it is very important to choose the best destination always to have a fun time fun during the vacations. In morocco you will get the best options for the entertainment you have ever got. B est D estination Trekking in the Atlas Mountain will definitely make your holiday one of the best holidays you have ever spent. The small village on the sides of the mountain and charm and hospitality of these villages add up to an amazing Atlas Mountain holidays .

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About the Marrakech About the Marrakech it is known as a ‘Red City’ and is a famous city with a population of 1,036,500 in Morocco. Another great thing about the Marrakech is that it is a second largest city in morocco .

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