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Act Machines’ is the CNC machines manufacturer and is the one-stop solution for computerized machine cutting tools. Desktop CNC milling machines, you can take home your milling work and spend quality time with your family without compromising the quality of the job done.


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Advance control tech

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 ACT manufactures DMC-III which is the next ABOUT OUR COMPANY generation of CNC Milling Machines. DMC-III flaunts a solid strong structure that can be used to perform complex milling operations with high precision and accuracy. Moreover it is compact and light in weight. The other capturing features that make an ACT Machine unbeatable in the market are as follows: Advanced- After an in-depth research of 4 years followed by development and testing ACT now

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WHAT OUR CLIENT SAY ABOUT US:  Testimonial by: Don Mile  Date added: 6/2013  DMC-III is a very portable and well designed small CNC machine. We like its high precision and reliable. It is also very affordable comparing with similar performance machine. I highly recommend it.

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Testimonial by: D. Hsu of Shanghai Dental Lab China Date added: 01/28/2011 Title: Dental Parts Milling Application DMC-III system with 4th axis allows us to mill the dental parts in high precision. The picture shows that the 4 patients teeth were machined in both side by DMC-III and can be pushed out for the parts. The teeth will be harden and cured in oven. The CNC program was obtained by scanning the patients mold. The DMC- III provides 2 micron resolution to achieve all detail machining on the parts for the perfect fitting to the patients. It is the most cost effect milling machine on the market.

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Testimonial by: Terry Gaige of MS USA Date added: 09/22/2009 Title: Micro-fluid Application We needed a fast low-cost way to prototype new designs and production for our high-precision micro fluidic plates. The DMC-III is the only desktop CNC machine on the market that offers the precision we need at such an attractive price. I like the gantry design which provides large T slot table to work with. The clamp set is also very smart design which allow me to easily secure the work pieces directly on the table for machining. No vise required. The DMC- III has greatly reduced our turnaround times and manufacturing costs.

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Testimonial by: Ken Krout of York PA USA Date added: 06/30/2010 Title: Model Build I am a novice at cnc work so when I knew I needed to buy a mill for what I wanted to do I did a lot of research. I talked with many of the manufacturers and read reviews. After a lot of comparing I chose the DMC 3. It has been a good choice for me. It is the right size at around 260 pounds my son and I can move it around. Yet it seems very sturdy and reliable. I am the first to admit that I am not an expert but it seems to march right through the aluminum and steel. The modified Mach 3 software was pretty easy to learn and user friendly. When I made a mistake it was pretty intuitive to figure out. The machine is very robust for any user operational mistake. I made several calls and e-mails to Dr. Lee and the company always provides excellent supports and services. I am making molds for a small plastic injection machine. This machine provides the precision I need and has worked out pretty well. I highly recommend it for the beginning and the professional users. The picture is a model of a ruin World War 2 era building. The aluminum mold to make the model is built by DMC-III machine. DMC-III was able to detail out the bricks and even tiny shell holes. The back of the building is also complete with plaster knocked off in pieces and wall studs showing through. The coin shows you a size comparison. I am now working on more stuff and I will send more pics when I can. The picture can be posted although my camera again seems to not focus on small items very well.

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 ADDITIONAL SERVICE  If you are looking forward to buy a desktop CNC milling machine for professional use ACT machines can help you strike the best deal. They offer the latest DMC-III conc. controlled machine to its customers. Following are the top three features of the DMC-III offered at ACT machines: Weight : One if the most important thing to check before actually investing in any professional desktop conc. milling machine is its weight. The weight of the ACT’s DMC-III is 260 lbs and 400 lbs of shipping weight. Driver screw : DMC-III offers 20 mm ball screw with no notable backlash at all. Motion resolution : It has a motion resolution of 0.00008” or 2 micros which helps in delivering perfect precision in tasks like Jewelry manufacturing research labs PC board Drilling etc. DMC-III has in-built power and control boxes having a dimension of about 24”X28” with 30” height The spindle head can be manually rotated across al he axis manually and has a clamp to hold the items across the slot. It is easy to carry as well as easy to operate with very minimal maintenance cost. Hence offering a complete solution to the requirement of desktop cnc milling machines for professional use.

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Guarantees Quality and Innovation Advanced Control technology has been able to offer the best of machines due to their highly experienced and talented team. Machines offered at ACT can be used for the delicate milling tasks as listed below: • Jewelry manufacturing • Engraving • 3D mold making • Research labs • PC board drilling • Dental applications

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