Victorian Transport

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Victorian Transport:

Victorian Transport

Horse Travel:

Horse Travel Back in Victorian Times there were no cars or aeroplanes. People got around on trams and also Horse Drawn Carriages. Richer people travelled in a hansom cab which only held one person and they were faster than trams.

Water Transport:

Water Transport Horses pulled grand narrowboats up canals. The horses walked on toe paths alongside the canal. Only rich people could afford the narrowboats . The poor Victorians travelled on a ferry called a floating bridge.

The Railways:

The Railways Back in Victorian Times, railways dominated transport. Only the rich could afford the fares. Queen Victoria loved to travel by rail, she had her own custom carriage built.

The Motor Car:

The Motor Car In the late Victorian era German Karl Benz built the first motor car. It had three wheels and a two stoke engine. Despite being laughed upon for three years it became a big hit in Europe.

The Velocipede or Boneshaker :

The Velocipede or Boneshaker in 1865, pedals were applied directly to the front wheel. This machine was known as the velocipede ("fast foot"), but was popularly known as the bone shaker since it was also made entirely of wood, then later with metal tires, and the combination of these with the cobblestone roads of the day made for an extremely uncomfortable ride

Time Line:

Time Line 1838 –Isambard Kingdom Brunel's SS Great Western , the first purpose-built transatlantic steamship, inaugurates the first regular transatlantic steamship service. 1852 – Elisha Otis invents the safety elevator. 1853 – Sir George Cayley built and demonstrated the first heavier-than-air aircraft (a glider) 1862 – Étienne Lenoir made a gasoline engine automobile 1868 – George Westinghouse invented the compressed-air brake for railway trains. 1868 – Louis-Guillaume Perreaux's steam velocipede, a steam engine attached to a Michaux velocipede.

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1880 – Werner von Siemens builds first electric elevator. 1894 – Hildebrand & Wolfmüller became the first motorcycle available to the public for purchase. 1896 – Jesse W. Reno builds first escalator at Coney Island, and then reinstalls it on the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge. 1897 – Charles Parsons' Turbinia , the first vessel to be powered by a steam turbine, makes her debut. 1900 – Ferdinand von Zeppelin builds the first successful airship

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