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Pamela Davis ACRG is a Claims Recovery Expert

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Pamela Davis ACRG has vast Experience of 20 Years Pamela Davis founded Advantage Claims Recovery Group, Inc. in the year 1995. Currently, she serves as the CEO of this prestigious group. Pamela has an extensive experience of more than 20 years in insurance and cost containment. With such a rich experience, Pamela Davis ACRG has proved to be one of the most valuable assets for Advantage Claims Recovery Group, Inc. Under her direction, ACRG has emerged out to be successful and leading service provider for the collection and recovery of closed workers' compensation files.

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Pamela Bush Davis, Founder of Advantage Claims Recovery Group, Inc.

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Pamela Davis ACRG has helped Thousands to recover their Claims With her extensive experience, Pamela Davis ACRG has a thorough understanding of workers' compensation insurance cost containment rules. She takes every care to identify opportunities, secure rights, and to litigate cases where DCs, MDs, DOs, rehabilitation facilities and hospitals are responsible for the payment of medical services. She has expertise in using recovery techniques to obtain reimbursements. Since 1995, has assisted thousands of health care providers in recovering millions of dollars from unpaid, underpaid, and unfiled closed workers' compensation claims.

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Advantage Claims Recovery Group, Inc. Team

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Pamela Davis ACRG provides Legal Solutions Pamela keeps herself updated with all the legal developments in order to maximize claim recoveries. She carefully strategizes each recovery option to ensure that the clients' claims are protected. Unlike other claim professionals who just review claims over a certain size or do samplings, Pamela examines each claim, reviews it thoroughly for validity, and asserts that the right to recover funds is based upon the applicable plan language and law.

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She takes necessary steps to ensure that the workers' rights are secured under the law. With her support, a large number of workers have been able to recover their inaccurately denied or reduced medical, chiropractic, and hospital claims. In order to know more about Pamela Davis ACRG log on to

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