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Acne vaccine On 31 August 2018 it was widely reported that a new vaccine to wipe out acne which has been is in the pipeline had a breakthrough. Acne effects millions of people across the globe. Acne leaves scars both emotionally and physically. The psychological damage acne can cause often exists even after the acne itself may have healed. Not that many years ago Polio was a disease that infected many. With the introduction of a vaccine in many countries Polio has been contained to the point certain areas are “polio free”. Imagine a world without acne. It seems that an acne free world may not be a figment of our imaginations for much longer as researchers and scientists are working on a vaccine to eradicate acne. A report published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology outlines the results of the research conducted and how it impacts on acne. Isn’t this something you have secretly prayed for An acne vaccine will be life changing. Sure acne may not kill you – but if you have suffered with a severe form of acne you may agree its impact is devastating to the sufferer and those who care for that person. Parents. Scientists and researchers are confident that acne WILL be cured in the future. At present experiments have been conducted on mice who responded positively. The work and research around the development of an acne vaccine will continue until it is finely tuned and ready to use with humans. At present there is no cure for acne and treatments are hit and miss especially for those who suffer with more than a mild case of acne. Acne with its medical name being acne vulgaris is a complex condition with no definite answers. Acne is caused by the bacterium Cutibacterium acnes or “P Acnes”. These “P Acnes” serve a purpose so they cannot be eradicated from our skin. “P Acnes” release toxins in some cases and times in our lives which cause the inflammation and acne. However not everyone gets acne.Coming up with a vaccine that targets the body’s “potential reaction” before the condition of acne presents itself is pretty clever. This way the bacterium still remains on the skin doing the job it is meant to do. The vaccine is being developed to act by reducing the body’s inflammatory response to the toxins secreted by the bacteria in the skin. The vaccine should block the way our immune systems reacts to the bacteria.

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Listening to a recent news broadcast the jury is still out on exactly how the vaccine will be delivered how long it will stay potent in our bodies and what if any side-effects there may be. Dr Sabrina Fabi gives a very to understand interview about the new vaccine and is worth watching for a better understanding. As exciting as it is that researchers have made important progress working with mice the whole strategy has to be made to work in us humans. The vaccine won’t be on the market shelves for a while as there is a whole range of regulatory protocols that need to be addressed including clinical trials and of course the final approval from the FDA. However the news is a breakthrough bringing home to millions upon millions living with acne. At present doctors treat severe acne with a range of applications such as antibiotics hormone regulators such as the contraceptive pill or a medication commonly known as Rocaccutane. The industry around acne is huge with companies making billions in skin care alone. From a personal perspective it will be interesting to see how the introduction of the vaccine will pan out. There will be those in the industry who will lose money from this very lucrative sector if acne is ever cured. Related Post 1 I cant Live with Acne 2 Why Do I get Acne On My Neck 3 Is my diet causing my Acne Source :

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