Things Keep in Mind Before Choosing a Walker

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18/12/2019 ACG Medical medical supply and mobility solutions Website

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Things to Keep in Mind Before Choosing a Walker: The function of all rollators is fundamentally the same—helping the patient maintain balance and move around independently. Rollators are very similar to standard walkers but their design uses wheels to deliver more mobility for the user without compromising safety. Rollator walkers cater to such requirements via a smart design. Such rollators usually have a crossbar wheels and a seat that offers the convenience of resting. Rollators extends the independence of managing your body’s movement direction and are suitable for both indoor outdoor usage. Drive rollator walkers are safe to use and can adjust to individual requirements with a wider range of adjustable settings. Globally 4-wheel walkers have been engaging attention. They are a more evolved mobility solution as they provide more comfort and stability. Read these suggestions before you venture into buying a four-wheel walker for yourself or your loved one. The most important parameters to consider are: 1 Seat Height Dimensions Seat’s dimensions play an important role in ensuring comfort. Every individual has a different physique and that is why rollators are designed with different seat widths and height dimensions. You should choose a

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rollator where the seat is good enough to be used for a longer duration. Users who often feel tired tend to use the seat a lot more. Ensure the seat can endure long-term usage. 2 Weight Holding Capacity One of the most important factors to consider before you choose a 4-wheel walker is the weight-bearing capacity. To explain it further - if you weigh 350 lb. you cannot choose rollators with a weight capacity of 200 lb. If you expect some more weight gain soon choose a model that can withstand a greater weight range—beyond your immediate body weight. 3 Brake Design Rollator walkers are equipped with different brake designs. Choose the model that offers convenience of braking and precision in the braking performance. The braking action should not be jerky and easy to execute. Models usually have serrated brakes push down brakes and loop brakes. Each has a slightly different advantage. Some slow-down the walker while others almost halt immediately. 4 Safety Lock Features Smart locking feature relieves the user from the need of holding the brakes continuously—this is very important if the user does not have the full range of bodily control or muscular weakness. Here holding on to the brake can be challenging. Presence of safety lock feature prevents the walker from sliding away. Source:

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