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ACG Infotech Ltd. offers a web based Mx-ERP solution for manufacturing industry that streamlines all the finance, inventory, purchase, sales, HR/payroll, etc. processes of the manufacturing companies. It is a cost-effective, web based, reliable and easily customizable software. We offer manufacturing Mx-ERP in manufacturing for: - Pharma & Chemicals industry - Trading industry - Buying Houses/Buying Agents - Retail industry - Electronics industry - Automobiles industry, and much more.. For more details and free online demo, contact us at: ACG Infotech Limited H 87, Sector-63 Noida (Delhi-NCR) India - 201301 Mob: +91-9818993537 Email: Website:


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ACG Infotech Ltd. A Leading ERP Software Company Mx -ERP for Manufacturing Industry ACG Infotech Ltd. (Since 1993)


AGENDA : ACGIL - Introduction Mx-ERP – Introduction Modules Why ERP in Manufacturing Industry? Key Challenges of Manufacturing Industry ERP Benefits in Manufacturing ACG Infotech Ltd. (Since 1993)


ABOUT ACGIL : A leading ERP software company in India. Expertise in various cloud ERP & CRM solutions for manufacturing, construction companies and healthcare industry. Providing value-added, software-led IT solutions and services to large- and medium-size organizations. Servicing a host of highly reputed clients across many verticals, ACGIL started in the year 1993. ACG Infotech Ltd. (ACGIL) has more than 1000 satisfied most valuable customers. ACGIL has its presence in Delhi, Noida, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Nagpur, Vapi, Ahmadabad, Kathmandu, Oman and UK and main development is at Noida. ACG Infotech Ltd. (Since 1993)


WHAT IS AN ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING (ERP)? ERP is an integrated software system used to manage internal & external resources including financial resources, assets, materials & human resources of an organization. ACG Infotech Ltd. (Since 1993)


Mx-ERP MODULES – AN OVERVIEW ACG Infotech Ltd. (Since 1993) CRM Sales Finance & Accounts HR/Payroll Purchase Inventory Production Quality Control Sales Force Automation Supply Chain Management Dealers-Distribution Management After Sales Management MIS Analysis of sales orders Invoicing Order Management Pricing Sales order status General ledger Sales accounting Purchase accounting Invoice Accounts payable Employee information Attendance record Leave record Generate payslips Supplier database Vendor selection Purchase order Bar code generation Pending indent status Goods receipt Issue register Return register Material allocation Order received Bill of material Costing Raw material procurement In process test report Final test report finish goods Inspection report Service Management SCM Software Admin. Third Party Outsourcing Auto E-mails Auto alerts reports Manage customer database Warrants AMC with end date Distributor-dealer network Stock transfer in distribution Stock tracking Sales register Multi-user support Employee database Department listing Enhanced security features Goods dispatch against job work order Job work order challan Job work status


WHY ERP IN MANUFACTURING? ERP in manufacturing industry covers the flow of resources, manufacturing inventory, and the operations in the company in an inclusive record along with hardware such as machineries. Inventory Management Cost Process Efficiency Product Quality Supply & Demand Management MRP (Materials Requirement Planning) ACG Infotech Ltd. (Since 1993)


KEY CHALLENGES OF MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY? Product development and innovation Transformative technologies in manufacturing Achieving growth & profitability while meeting customer expectations against competition Manufacturing skills gap Next generation manufacturing leadership Aging workforce / skills gap Reduce production & Supply chain costs Improve process efficiencies & product quality Lack of technology investment by companies Changing manufacturing workforce Inventory discrepancies Big data management Better Customer Service Business Integration On-time Delivery ACG Infotech Ltd. (Since 1993)


ERP BENEFITS IN MANUFACTURING Flexible and powerful A full fledged ERP system offers to the manufacturing enterprises an optimal level of technology adaptability to cater all the needs of their respected clients. Ensure cost reductions Due to the single source of information access, it doesn't require any other source or hardware support, hence saves the cost of the firm's capital. Monitor and control operations As, numbers of manufacturers have been increasing day-by-day, their operations also become more complex. With the help of ERP for manufacturing, users can automate all the business processes providing real-time and accurate information. Increase visibility & simplify across the Supply Chain Process Reduce cost by optimizing supply chain processes Better collaboration with all Supply Chain Partners Integrate design innovation Meet complex inventory requirements ACG Infotech Ltd. (Since 1993)


SOME OF OUR CLIENTS ACG Infotech Ltd. (Since 1993)


CONTACT US ACG Infotech Ltd. (Since 1993) ACG Infotech Limited (ACGIL) A-146, Sector-63 Noida (Delhi NCR) India – 201301 Mob.: (+91) 120 456 4467 Email: Website:


Thank You! ACG Infotech Ltd. (Since 1993)

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