What are the Low Maintenance Tennis Court Surfaces

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Every tennis player wants a proper tennis court surface that requires less maintenance. Some of the affordable options are a hard court, artificial turf, and artificial clay. These surfaces are easy to install and requires less time. See the mentioned slides to know more about the low maintenance tennis court surfaces.


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What are the Low Maintenance Tennis Court Surfaces


For the tennis players, having a court at home is a dream which comes true. But you have been surprised to know that how many choices are made before you start the tennis court project.


If you are a tennis lover, then take the plunge and built your own court. The essential thing you need to consider is the surface of the court and it’s the most important bit to get right.


Like other several parts of the tennis court, make sure that you are installing an ideal playing surface which is suitable for all weathers.


Unless you are spending your valuable time and effort on maintenance or employing someone to do it for you, your little attention can keep your tennis court useful.


Go through the following points to know about the low maintenance tennis court surfaces used in your dream tennis court.


Hard court


Most of the tennis courts are made with hard court surfaces which should give you the confidence of playing on a good playing surface.


Some of the tennis court surfaces have different layers in between such as a layer of acrylic over a layer of concrete.


The hard courts generally require less or very little time for maintenance and make it the best surfaces for playing a suitable game.


In these courts, the lines are set into the acrylic and never require any repaint jobs. These courts are durable, hard-wearing, and can withstand the wet weather conditions without resting between the game.


Artificial turf


Sometimes, the people often like a real grass court look because it is classic, natural and blends in more easily with gardens.


In the other hands, the artificial turf courts are often taking awful upkeep and needs to be sheared frequently to keep them in an ideal length.


The artificial grass can achieve the same look without regular upkeep, so you can also add a regular line painting to change its looks.


You need to put your little effort for maintaining the proper condition of the surfaces and when it is wet, it gives you a much better grip than the real grass.


Artificial clay


Like other surfaces used in your tennis court, artificial clay is the most useful and popular among the tennis players.


Many people opt for real clay in their surface for avoiding the regular care, but the artificial clay is totally different.


In the other hands, the normal clay is heavily affected by the heavy rain and needs to be flattened and smoothed out regularly as well as easily got damaged.


With the artificial clay, you can enjoy the slower games and softer surface afforded by the clay surf easily and smoothly.


Final words


If you want to build your own tennis court at home in a limited budget, then it's always preferable to go with the low maintenance surfaces.


Consult with the surface providers and ask them about the low maintenance surfaces they will provide for your tennis court.


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