Change Functionality Of Reversed Touchpad Buttons On A Acer Laptop.


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This presentation guides you about change functionality of reversed touchpad buttons on a Acer laptop. And read our blog reach to the top suitable answer of any query. Dial toll-free Acer Helpline Number Canada 1-855-687-3777. For more info visit our site:


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Change Functionality Of Reversed Touch Pad Buttons On A Acer Laptop. :

Change Functionality Of Reversed Touch Pad Buttons On A Acer Laptop.

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Acer is one of the best brands among laptops, computers, and printers. Millions of users are recommending its products because of the unique features and services it provides. If you are a Acer laptop user and the functions of your touchpad buttons have been changed accidentally, do not worry as Acer Support is always available to help you with the easiest and quickest steps. You can use the below-provided process to change the settings anytime you wish to. So, now perform the following steps depending on the OS you are using:

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For Windows 10 users Enter Touch pad in the search box . Select mouse & Touch pad settings (System settings) from the search result .  Use the drop-down menu under Select your primary button to choose whether you want the left or the Right button to set as the primary button (the one that select item).

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For Windows 8 or 8.1 users Press & hold the Windows key and then press the q key . Enter Touch pad, in the search box . Touch or click the Mouse & touch pad settings . Under the section of select your primary button, choose the Left or Right button to use it as a primary button using the drop-down menu.

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For the Windows 7users Tap the Windows key and enter main.cpl in the Search box . Select main.cpl in the list of programs . Touch the Acer Touch pad or Cyber press Track pad tab . Select the picture of the touch pad . Click either Button Settings or Button before getting to the Buttons options . Under Left and Right buttons, using the drop-down menus choose what you want the Left and Right buttons to do when pressed . Click Save or OK . Hit the OK button on the appeared Mouse Properties window.

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We hope you are satisfied with the information provided to you. If you wish to get further information or want to resolve some issues coming across your way, can contact  Acer Technical Support Canada   1-855-687-3777 . Dial our customer care number and talk to our experts, who will provide the best solutions using the latest technology. Get any type of technical support from our highly experienced technicians and get rid of problems within the shortest time duration . Original Source: Change Functionality Of Reversed Touch Pad Buttons On A Acer Laptop.

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