What Are The Steps To Disable Secure Boot In An Acer Laptop?


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This presentation guides you about what are the steps to disable secure boot in an Acer laptop? and read our blog reach to the top suitable answer of any query. Dial toll-free Acer Customer Service Canada 1-855-264-9333. For more info visit our site: https://acer.supportnumbercanada.ca/


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What Are The Steps To Disable Secure Boot In An Acer Laptop?:

What Are The Steps To Disable Secure Boot In An Acer Laptop?

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This blog will tell you how to disable secure boot on your Acer laptop. The steps are quite similar to other systems, except the end steps. Here, I’m supposing that you have Windows 8.1 installed on your system. If you have a little idea about how to boot in UEFI, then you can skip to Step 6. If not, then follow the instructions:

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First of all, you have to press  Windows + I keys  so that settings charm opens up. And, click on the bottom right side corner of the screen and select Change PC settings . Now , you to click on  Update and recovery  section from the left side panel . In this section, make a click on Recovery option from the left side bar and select Restart now button under Advanced startup option. This will not restart your computer immediately . After few seconds, a blue screen will display with some more options in which you have to select Troubleshoot option.

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Next, under that section select Advanced options and move ahead with further steps . Here , six options will be visible to you. Choose  UEFI Firmware Settings . The important work starts from here. Acer laptop doesn’t allow a user to disable secure boot. When the next screen appears, use arrow keys to select Security tab . You will notice Set Supervisor Password written on the top-fourth position. Select this section using arrow keys.

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Later on, type a password (should be a strong one) to disable secure boot else secure boot option will be grayed out . Keep this password safe or write it somewhere so that you can access it after years also, or remove it after disabling secure boot . Once the password is set, move to Boot tab now. Now, a user can easily access the Secure Boot option and can also change its value. So, press Enter key to change its value to disable . Finally , press  F10 key  to save and exit the UEFI settings.

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So , these were the steps to complete the task for your Acer laptop to run a secure Boot. If you have any doubt related to this blog or want to know more about your laptop settings, make a call to  Acer Support Number Canada 1-855-264-9333 , who helps the user to solve technical errors and other relates issues on the system . Original Source: What Are The Steps To Disable Secure Boot In An Acer Laptop?

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