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Dinna Dwirahma Fitria Ilham Taufik Hidayat Naufal Syahrial Hidayat Square Parallelogram Rhombus Trapezoid Kites

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A D B C RECTANGLE Rectangle in Indonesia is persegi panjang Rectangle have 4 side ( 2 length and 2 wide ) Side A and C,B and D is wide and Side A and B, C and D is length Side A and C,B and D resolute always some and Side A and B, C and D also always some Abbreviation in rectangle is : area : L + W area : (2L) X (2W)

How to make Ractangle : 

How to make Ractangle Get a piece of paper which has froms of a rectangle Cut the paper into 2 of the same measure and share them with your classements Name each rectangle ABCD Connectpoint A with point C, point B with point D, and mark the point of intersection drom thoose 2 lines and name it as point O. Use the ruler to measure the legths of the sides and diagonals of the retangle ABCD! AB= 21.5 cm AC= 15 cm BC= 26 cm OA= 13 cm OC= 13 cm D C B A O AD= 26 cm DC= 21.5 cm DD= 15 cm OB= 13 cm OD= 13 cm

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6. What is the Relation between the length of AB and DC, AD and BC , AC and DB ? 7. What is the relation among the length of OA, OB, OC, OD ? 8. Use the protector to measure the following angle ! DAB = 35⁰ BCD = 35⁰ ABC = 35⁰ CDA = 35⁰ 9. What is the relation among DAB , ABC , BCD, and CDA ? 10. Cut all corners of retangle ABCD and then fit together side by side. Do the four angle form a whole turned angle or 360⁰ ? 11 .Based on the activity, what can you conclude? Explain.

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Sides AB,BC,CD,and AD Diagonals AC and BD Angle A, B, C ,and D It has equal opposite sides. it has paraler opposite sides It has four right angle. It has 2 diagonals and that areequal and bisect each other. The element of rectangle ABCD are: The properties of a rectangle are that: Based on the properties above we can conclude that : A rectengle is a quadrilateral that has four right angles and its oppodite sides are parallel and equal in lenght


PROBLEM 2 The figure given is rectngle PQRS. two pairs of equal sides. B.what are the length of PS and PQ? C. name two diagonals lines. two parallesl all right angles P S R Q Answer : a name of two pairs PS = QR a name of two pairs SR = PQ The legth of PS = 2 cm The length of PQ = 4cm The name is PR and SQ SR ||PQ and SP || RQ The name angle P S R Q 4 cm 2 cm

Problem 3a : 

Problem 3a Banana Garden Problem Daddy has a rectangular banana garden which is 20 metres long and 10 metres wide. He wants to make a fence around the garden. What is the length of the fence? answer : A=L×W A=20m×10 m A=200m2

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Athlete Problem An athlete is running around a rectangular field. This field is 160 metres long and 80 metres wide. If the athletes\ runs once around the field, how far will he or she run? P=2(L×W) P=2(160m×80m) P=(2×160m)+(2×80m) P=320m+160m P=480m


PROBLEM 6 What is the area of rectangle ABCD on the above ? Explain Answer : A = l × w

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On rectangle KLMN , OK = 7cm. What are the lengths of OL , OM , ON ? What are the lengths of KM and LN ? 2. ABCD is a rectangle. Name two pairs of equal and parallel lines. What are the lengths of BC and AB?


SQUARE Draw rectangles ABCD with AB=BC=CD=AD=5 cm ad shown in the figure on the right. Draw the diagonals of the rectangle ABCD and mark the intersection of the diagonals, then name it poit O. 3. Use the protactor to measure the angles below. AOB = 90 ⁰ DOA = 90 ⁰ OCB = 45 ⁰ OBC = 45 ⁰ BOC = 90 ⁰ OAD = 45 ⁰ ODC = 45 ⁰ OCD = 45⁰ COD= 90 ⁰ OBA = 45 ⁰ OAB = 45 ⁰ ODA = 45 ⁰ O C D A B

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4. What are the measure of AOB , BOC , COD , and DOA ? 5. What are the measure of OAD , OBA , OCB , and ODC ? 6. What are the measure of OAB , OBC , OCD , and ODA ? 7. Based on the above activity, what can you ..conclude? Explain it.


THE PROPERTIES OF A SQUARE The opposite sides are parallel All of the angles are right angle The diagonals are aqual and bisect each other All the sides are equal The diagonals bisect the angle The diagonals cross perpendicularly Based on those properties, we can say that a square is a rectangle with 4 equal sides. Given a square that has the length of the side of S.if P is the perimeter and A is area, then the formula of perimeter and area of the square is P=4s and A=s × s

Problem 8 : 

Problem 8 [ Now try to find square object around you.]

Problem 10 : 

Problem 10 The figure on the left is square PORS. List 3 segments equal to PQ. List 3 segments equal to OP. List all right angles in square PQRS. Answer : PQ = QR = RS = SP OP = OQ = OR = OS P = Q = R = S O R S P Q

Problem 11 : 

Problem 11 What are the perimeter and area of the square ABCD? Explain. C D A B s s P = 4 x s and A = S x S

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Banana Field House S T R E E T 23 23 30 23 Calculate the perimeter and area of the land which is used for The house P = 4 x s P = 4 x 23 = 92 PROBLEM 12 b) the banana field P = 2(lxw) P=2(30 + 23) P = (60+46) P = 106

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What are the legths of OK , OL , OM ,? What are the legth of KM and LM Answer : OK = 5cm, OM = 5cm, OL = 5cm KM=10cm and LN=10cm

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RSTU is a pallarelogram and RST = 80⁰. Calculate SRU and TUR . ABCD is prallerogram with base of AB =12 cm and the heigtht of AB is 4 cm, then show that the area of the parallelogram is 48 cm2


PARALLELOGRAM In geometry, a parallelogram is a quadrilateral with two pairs of parallel sides. The area of parallelogram is the product of the base and the heigth. The perimeter of a parallelogram is twice as long as to adjacent side of the paralelogram.

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Problem 14 Given = AB = 11 m and height = 9m , Question = the area of parallelograms ABCD Solution = suppose the area of a parallelogram is A m²,then a x t = 11m x 9m = 99 m² So, the area ABCD is 99 m² 9 m 11 m D C B A

In geometry, a rhombus or rhomb is a quadrilateral whose four sides all have the same length. The rhombus is often called a diamond, after the diamonds suit in playing cards, or a lozenge, though the latter sometimes refers specifically to a rhombus with a 45° angle. Every rhombus is a parallelogram, and a rhombus with right angles is a square. Rhombuses have two diagonals RHOMBUS The area of a rhombus is equal to a half of the product of the diagonals. The parimeter of a rhombus is 4 times the length of the sides. A = ⅟2 x d1 x d2 P= 4 x s

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Calculate the area of rhombus Given = d1 = 30, d2 = 50 Question = the area of the rhombus Solution = for example, the area of rhobus is A cm² . A = d1 x d2 2 A = 30 x 15 2 A = 450 2 A = 225 cm ² So, the area of rhombus is 225 cm² d2 d1 Task

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The area of a trapezoid is half of the product of its heigth and the sum of paralel side. Suppose A is the area of trapezoid with the higth t and the length of paralel side is a1 and a2. Then, A = ⅟2 x t x (a1+a2)

Problem 16 : 

Problem 16 Estimate yhe area of trapezoid in the right! Sulution : Given : t= 51 km : a1 = 85 km : a2 = 107 Question : the area of the trapezoid Solution : A = ⅟2 x t x (a1+a2) : A = ⅟2 x 51 x (85+107) : A = 4896 Km2 85 Km 107 Km 51 Km

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Kites in indonesia is layang – layang kites have d1 and d2 Abbreviation or formula Kites : Area : d1 x d2 2 Two pairs of the Adjacent sides are equal namely DE=DF , BC = DC . One pair of opposite angles is equal,that is <DEG = <DFG Kites D G

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Calculate the area of a kites Given = d1 = 30, d2 = 50 Question = the area of the kites Solution = for example, the area of kite is A cm² . A = d1 x d2 2 A = 30 x 15 2 A = 450 2 A = 225 cm ² So, the area of kite is 225 cm² d2 d1 Problem 15.

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