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The UN estimates that 120 million children are denied an education every year, many due to their inability to afford school supplies or fees. Education is the key to fighting poverty, hunger, disease, terrorism, global warming, you name it: almost every problem can be addressed through education.


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Welcome to Ace of Good:

Welcome to Ace of Good

Our Story:

Our Story The scorching Cambodian sun backlit the plastic bags that were being carried by small children as they scavenged through garbage for something to eat or sell.As we stood and watched the smell was overwhelming and bits of garbage blew through the air getting stuck in our hair and eyelashes burning our eyes. This was these children’s every day reality. <<more information click here

Shadow Students:

Shadow Students What is this silhouette? You’ve just located a Shadow Student.

Travel With Us:

Travel With Us The Ace of Good is bringing philanthropic travel to a new level. In partnership with Go Philanthropic, we have created an externship program where college and graduate school students can get real life work experience while traveling the world to make deliveries to children in need.

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