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Read this document to know more about bag filters for oil, which is safe to handle without any manual operation to do for heating oil. Keep your oil at the highest quality with an oil filter paper. Visit bit.ly/2JPuROp


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Ace Fi l t e rs M o r e i n f o at www . ace filte rs .com . a u EXTEND THE LIFE OF YOUR OIL USING OIL FILTER PAPER

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If you are looking to increase the savings and improve the quality of food t hen opt for cooking oil filter paper. It is specially designed using a fine mesh t hat allows the oil drip t hrough while filtering the variety of different solids such as excess batter breadcrumbs and other waste product that is left behind after cooking your favourite dish. You can have the opportunity to select the oil filter according to your need as there are different types of styles and sizes available in the market. You can find the cooking oil filter paper t hat you can use in any circumstances where you can extend the life of your oil to prevent costly repairs. It is packaged and sold in huge qualities so that you can ensure t hat your oil is the best possible condition at the end of a long day. Also you can use pre-filter paper to mak e sure t hat oil is strained efficiently for a cleaner cooking m e d i u m . You can purchase the cooking oil filter paper available in: Washable mesh or non-wovens or cellulose filter media Quality filter ranges f r o m 4 to 200 microns Mesh bags and Cones t hat fit the ACE heavy dut y conical filter frame 100 Australian-made quality

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Along w i t h providing the quality oil bag filter the professionals are also dedicated to offering the best filter p o wd e r or fryer screens. If you are thinking to buy the high-quality cooking oil filter bag t hen Ace Filter International is the ultimate destination. They provide you w i t h the largest selection of oil filter at the affordable price. Contact us and improve the quality of your food. Email : enquiriesacefilters.com.au Address : 9 Eastspur Court Kilsyth South VIC 3137 www.acefilters.com.au

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