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Phone: 1300 555 204 Fax: 03 9761 6127 Email: salesaceflters.com.au ECONOPUMP ACE FILTERS INTERNATIONAL FRYING OIL FILTERING MACHINE ACE FILTERS INTERNATIONAL / www.aceflters.net THE MAJOR SUPPLIER TO ALL FAST FOOD CHAINS The Econopump Filter is a lightweight compact and safe to use flter that requires no manual handling of hot oil This flter purifes down to 12 microns dramatically extending the life and quality of frying oil. This feature is guaranteed to save you the cost of the machine within approximately 6 months The use of MIRACLE Filter Aid Powder will signifcantly extend the life of oil even further ofering even more savings to you OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES Mesh pre-flter bags Frame - Oil Clearing Rods - Gloves Tank Sizes Length Width Height Capacity Standard Short 615mm 360mm 270mm 36Lt Standard Long 815mm 360mm 270mm 50Lt High Long 815mm 360mm 320mm 60Lt Filtering The best time to flter oil is at the end of the day. Leaving dirty oil in your fryer overnight generates bacteria and fatty acids.

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ECONOPUMP OIL FILTER MACHINE FEATURES THE MAJOR SUPPLIER TO ALL FAST FOOD CHAINS FRYING OIL FIL TERING MACHINE ACE FILTERS INTERNATIONAL / www.aceflters.net Phone: 1300 555 204 Fax: 03 9761 6127 Email: salesaceflters.com.au Minimum Heavy duty ½ horsepower motor .33kw and pump 15 litres per minute Power • 240 volt 10 amp power Minimum Maintenance • Few mechanical parts • Easily assembled Maximum Safety • Small machine – easy to store • Hands away from hot oil • Avoids lifting of oil drums • No drips – No splashes • Easy to operate – Easy to clean • Machines use either 4 micron food grade approved paper flter bags OR 80 micron polyester bags for speedier fltration Quality Oil • Improves quality of oil daily • Virtually doubles oil life • Reduces cooking odours and smoking • Allows you to cook at lower temperatures • Reduces oil absorption – Improves cooking times • Improves food colour and taste Advantages of using the Econopump Filtering system. • Simple to use and easy to clean and maintain. • Filtration time per 20Lt fryer is approximately 5 minutes. Drop oil 1 - 2 minute. Return oil at 15Lt per Minute 1 – 2 minute Total time 3 minute • Econopump Filtering Machine is designed to flter cooking oil up to 160 degrees with care. All parts of the machine can take high temperature so if the operator acts in a safe and responsible way the fryer oil can be fltered at the end of a busy trading period and reheated without loosing long trading periods on a busy day. • The Econopump pumps oil from its tank to the fryer enabling crumbs and food fnes to be fushed through the fryer outlet into the flter tank. This process is done without putting a hand or cleaning scraper into the hot fryer. The Econopump solves the problem of lifting hot oil from outlet pipe to top of the fryer. This lift could be over 1 meter to top of the fryer. • Econopump tanks are designed to suit any fryer so therefore multiple buckets not required to flter a fryer. • The Econopump can be wheeled to the waste tank. The oil can be pumped to waste tank saving lifting oil over 600mm. note that the Econopump tank can be designed to go down ramps. • Econopump Filter Machines use 4 micron flter media not 60 micron media as used when fltering by a manual systems therefore improving oil quality therefore improving food quality. • The Econopump Filtering Machine using 4 micron flter media will extend oil life by up to 75 or extending oil from 7 days to 10 days. This means that over a month a week’s oil can be saved.

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