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Buy Infrared thermometers are used for measuring food temperature. These thermometers can read the temperature of any food safely. This device is very useful in the hospitality industry. For more information Visit our website today!


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CONTENTS About Ace Filters 3 Loaded Filter Paper 4 Miracle Fry Oil Powder 6 Filter Machines 7 Fry Oil Filter Cones Sheets Bags 11 Food Trolley Covers Custom Covers 12 Protective clothing Cleaning Equipment 13 Thermometers 14 Thermometers Testing Equipment 15 Dust Collection Bags 16 Pleated Bag Cartridge 17 Air Intake Cartridges 18 Grease / Oil Mist Panels 19 Connector sleeves/Screens 20 Global Distribution 21

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Kade Rosenwax Managing Director We ofer all our customers this simple promise: ACE FILTERS PERFORMS Every aspect of our company will perform for you. From converting to manufacturing to laboratory services to our extensive stock holding and reliable on-time delivery. ABOUT ACE FILTERS COMMITTED GOAL Ace Filters strives to: • Continuously diversify our business and services. • Provide our customers with efcient ordering processes and access to our highly customised products and extensive supply chain network. • Ensure employee satisfaction ongoing skill development and provide staf with the opportunity to contribute in product and service innovation. Established is 1984 our company has grown to become an industry leader in fne fltration. We don’t just talk quality our skilled team consistently achieve it. We are renown for our quality systems design product manufacturing expert advice and personalised pre-sales and after-sales service. Our production supply chain consists of specialist raw material suppliers who are recognised as leaders in their feld. At Ace Filters we guarantee that our high performance will give you the quality service and products your business demands. 1 2 At Ace Filters we are proud of our extensive high profle customer base. Clients include: YUM KFC McDonald’s Burger King Hungry Jacks and many other international companies. Our approach embodies the ‘Our Factory is Your Factory’ ethos as we produce products mostly in our custom- er’s name. We specialise in working with OEMS service companies major distributors major clients with OEM/ distribution approval and smaller businesses with niche applications. Purpose – To provide quality products through our diverse network of customers both nationally and internationally in the most cost efective and professional manner. Vision – To provide pre-sale and after sale service that exceed our customers’ expectations. Core Values – At Ace Filters we are all about our people. We treat our employees and customers with respect and recognise that by working collaboratively we can innovate and continuously improve our products and service. We prize our long-term relationship with industry leaders small businesses and supply partners. Michael Conway General Manager ACE FILTERS INTERNATIONAL / 3

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WHAT IS LOADED FILTER PAPER Ace Filters’ Loaded Filter Paper is flter paper loaded with performance enhancing Miracle Powder. Miracle Powder is a magnesium silicate food grade white powder that absorbs acids water carbon and other impurities from your cooking oil. Unlike standard flter papers this powder is added into the frst stages of manufacture then dried forming part of the structure of the paper. The end result is an all in one flter paper. What is Loaded Paper used for Loaded Filter Paper is used in the fry oil fltration process and can be a simple substitute for standard papers. It can be used for both wheel up portable flter machines and built in flter systems. It can be made to any shape and size in either fat sheets or envelopes. Why use Loaded Paper Loaded Filter Paper has Miracle Powder in it making it a class above the rest. It performs better than standard paper: it has a low micron rating of 4 and can absorb impurities that standard paper is unable to capture e.g. carbon water acids. There is no need to add any other powders when fltering as this paper does it all in one Is Loaded Paper cost efective Loaded Filter Paper is an all in one paper which means you don’t need to buy paper and powder separately. The cost of Loaded Filter Paper is cheaper than standard paper and powder. How do I get Loaded Paper Please ask your nearest Catering Wholesalers or Ph: 03 97614920 Email: LOADED FILTER PAPER

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LOADED FIL TER PAPER Filter sheets to suit ACE Fryrite Filter machines Fryrite 30: 410 x 365mm 100 per pack Fryrite 40: 515 x 365mm 100 per pack Fryrite 50: 570 x 365mm 100 per pack FRYRITE FILTER SHEETS Suit all Fryrite Filter Machines Filter Envelopes Size 620 x 365mm 50 per pack Suit Blue Gizmo Econopump ACET1 FILTER ENVELOPES Size 520 x 470mm 50 per pack Size 485 x 285mm 100 per pack Suit Pitco Fryers Loaded filter sheets to suit Henny Penny Fryers PITCO FILTER ENVELOPES HENNY PENNY LOV SHEETS Size 650 x 420mm 100 per pack Filter sheets to suit Frymaster In-built filter systems FRYMASTER LOADED PAPER Filter sheets Size 600 x 425mm 100 per pack Suit Miracle Filter Machines MIRACLE FILTER SHEETS 5 ACE FILTERS INTERNATIONAL /

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MIRACLE FRY OIL POWDER ‘I already filter my oil with filter paper... why use a fry oil powder’ Why is Miracle Fry Oil Powder better than other fry powders Filtering alone only removes the lumps out of the oil the gummy sticky residue remains. This residue is made up of a polarised Free Fatty Acids FFAs and Oxidised Fatty Acids OFAs. Miracle Fry Oil Powder absorbs the FFAs and OFAs changing them into solid particles which then is removed by the fltering process. Miracle Fry Oil Powder extends the life of your oil signifcantly. ACE Filters manufacture a variety of grades of Miracle Fry Oil Powder. They are formulated specifcally for industrial catering and hospitality purposes. Available is sachets or 18/20kg bulk boxes. • food grade flter aid • neutralise acidity FFAs • reduces total polar compounds TMP’s • removes carbons • improves the colour of fry oil • improves food quality • free fowing inert white powder • signifcantly extends the life of oil • easy to use Miracle Fry Oil Powder is free fowing and not chemically reactive. It is made of magnesium silicate which absorbs fatty acids and remove impurities that form during the frying process. This specially designed powder has been developed to remove minute carbon particles which are a host to bacteria that attacks your oil creating acidity. It is of the highest food grade standard and most major fast food companies use it. MIRACLE FILTER POWDER Benefits include: 6 ACE FILTERS INTERNATIONAL /

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FIL TER MACHINES The above examples are based on average furnacing of oil over average daily time span using fsh and french fries. The Advantages of Filtering your Cooking Oil No Filtration Cone-poured Filtration Machine Filtration Machine Filtration with flter aid powder 1 2 3 4 Days 1 2 3 4 5 6 Days Very Good Oil Good Oil Fair Oil Poor Oil Dead Oil 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Days 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Days 7 ACE FILTERS INTERNATIONAL /

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FILTER MACHINES The Fryrite Filter Machine purifes down to 12 microns – this means a dramatic extension of the life and quality of frying oil. This will save you the cost of the machine within approximately 6 months This machine is lightweight compact safe to use and requires no manual handling of hot oil. Features: • Total draining angled flter tank base • Elevated corners to prevent build – up of oil after fltration • Temperature protected hose and wand • Drain tap for cleaning • High quality fnish • Clamp down tank cover • Snap-on connector • Powerful pump to flter through tight flter paper and powder • Tank cover for protection against dust and dirt after use • Comes in a range of sizes including 26 30 40 50 litre total capacity models • Filter papers available to suit both size models Based on using 2 drums of oil per week. The Econopump Filter is a lightweight compact and safe to use flter that requires no manual handling of hot oil This flter purifes down to 4 microns dramati- cally extending the life and quality of frying oil. This feature is guaranteed to save you the cost of the machine within approximately 6 months The use of MIRACLE Filter Aid Powder will signifcantly extend the life of oil even further ofering even more savings to you FRYRITE FILTER MACHINE ECONOPUMP FILTER 8 ACE FILTERS INTERNATIONAL /

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FIL TER MACHINES ACE Filter’s OilHandy is ideal for food courts Asian wok-style cooking and counter-top fryers. By using this well designed and easy to use model you can efciently clean your oil directly in the fryer or wok around 5 minutes. We recommend you use Miracle Fry Oil Filter Powder magnesium silicate to further reduce Free Fatty Acid. The Fryrite Pro Euro flters and purifes down to 4 microns. This means dramatic extension of the life and quality of frying oil which will save you the cost of the machine within approximately 6 months Fryrite Pro Euro is lightweight compact and safe to use. No manual handling of hot oil. The use of Miracle Fry Oil Filter Powder reduces FFA and carbon to 4 microns. This will signifcantly extend the life of oil even further. More savings for you Based on using 2 drums of oil per week. Technical data OilHandy M OilHandy XL Flow rate up to 45L per minute up to 80L per minute Filtration power 0.021 Kwh/cycle 0.032 Kwh/cycle Max. power 300 watts 500 watts Work cycles approx. 4.5 minutes approx. 5 minutes Dimensions w 12.9 x H 400 x L 200mm w 12.9 x H 480 x L 200mm Weight 7.5Kg 8.5Kg Power 110/220 volt versions available OILHANDY FRYRITE PRO EURO 9 ACE FILTERS INTERNATIONAL /

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The Fry Mate Filtration is a perfect companion for OilHandy. • Fry Mate can be made to any fryer vat size • Stainless steel construction makes it easy to clean • Reduces particles dropping to the fryer cold zone at the bottom • Particles lie on the Fry Mate and allows the OilHandy to suck them in with ease The Miracle Filter Machine has a high quality heavy duty construction. This product flters to the highest standard 4 micron using Miracle Filter Papers and Miracle Fry Oil Filter Aid Powder. Whilst purchasing monthly Miracle Filter Papers and Powder ACE ofers our customers a lifetime warranty plan at no extra cost. Ace Filters can supply both the Proserve Filter Machine and the flter bags for your existing units. Features: • Filter down to 4 microns • 50L capacity Ace Bestfry Oil Shuttle - the easy and safe way to transport waste oil and shortening • Made from aluminium • L 1200 x W 200 x H 200 mm • Capacity: 37 litre gallon: 9.8 • Flexible drain hose with high temperature tefon hose cover • Two high temperature tefon handle for both sides: up/down FILTER MACHINES FRY MATE FILTRATION ACE BESTFRY OIL SHUTTLE MIRACLE FILTER MACHINE PROSERVE FILTER MACHINE Benefits include: Features: 10 ACE FILTERS INTERNATIONAL /

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FRY OIL FILTER CONES SHEETS BAGS Save money: fltered oil cooks faster lasts longer and improves taste We ofer a wide range of standard flter cones and bags and can custom make cones and bags to your specifcations. We also ofer the Tufy Premium Orange Fry Oil Filter. This flter provides lower bursting strength and an improved micron-rating which gives you improved fltration. Our prices are competitive against imported flters but our quality meets or exceeds FDA HACCP and Halal requirements. Features: • Available in washable mesh or non-wovens or cellulose flter media • Filter range from 4 to 200 microns • Cones and mesh bags ft the ACE heavy duty conical flter frame • All flters are made of food-grade approved materials • 100 Australian-made New Easy to use flter paper loaded with magnesium silicate No more adding powder Reduce staf handling time with flter paper already in place. The paper is primarily used in fry oil shortening fltering machines to hold the flter aid particles in position so that it will function efectively. The material is also suitable for fltering most liquids including fruit juices and brewery products etc. NON-WOVEN CONES FILTER PAPER POLYESTER WASHABLE BAGS POLYESTER WASHABLE CONES Type Course - blue 200 micron Fine - burgundy 70 micron Extra Fine - green 45 micron Size Filter Bag - Medium p p p 340mm x 200mm Filter Bag - Large p p p 380mm x 285mm Cones with tie p p p 250mm diameter 11 ACE FILTERS INTERNATIONAL /

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General Purpose Trolley Covers Our easy-to-clean washable non-rip polyester general purpose trolley covers are highly breathable and hygienic. These products provide a perfect addition to your food preparation area. Custom Covers We have helped design items including: protective covers for LCD/plasma screens barbecue covers waste disposal spill products compost bins laundry bags and post bags. We can design and manufacture just about anything you need. DURABLE PVC DISPOSABLE CLEAR WATERPROOF COVER PIZZA RACK COVER 3 LAYER THERMAL COVER CLEAR PVC POLYESTER RIP-STOP FOOD TROLLEY COVERS CUSTOM COVERS 12 ACE FILTERS INTERNATIONAL /

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OILVOLUTION FRYER CLEANER PVC APRONS ALCOHOL WIPES STAINLESS STEEL SCOURING TOOL CLEARING ROD PROTECTIVE CLOTHING CLEANING EQUIPMENT Our afordable PVC Aprons come in multiple colours and are fully adjustable. Type A This easy to adjust apron accommodates all sizes. Simply pull the waist cord and the bib slides up to your required height. Lengths include: • 920mm 36” • 1070mm 42” Type B This full length apron can be trimmed from the bottom to accommodate to your desired length. 13 ACE FILTERS INTERNATIONAL /

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THERMOMETERS POCKET DIGITAL INFRARED LASER HAND HELD WIRE PROBES SOLID PROBES BG363 - waterproof Range: -10oC to 200oC BG32 Range -20oC to320oC A138 K type temperature sensor connector Range: -200oC to 1370oC BG368 Range: -40oC to 200oC BG42 Range -20oC to 500oC BG43R infrared/probe thermometer Range -30 to 220oC BG366 Range: -40oC to 200oC Tefon coated suitable for high heat conditions BG45R Range -32oC to 535oC Thermocouple range -15oC to 1380oC AZ-668-SHR Wide range electronic thermometer with stainless steel probe Range --50o to +260oC left to right: Air probe Surface probe Penetration probe 14 ACE FILTERS INTERNATIONAL /

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DIGITAL ROOM OVEN OIL - FRESH COLOUR TESTER OLEO TPM TESTER AV CHECK - ACID VALUE OF OIL POCKET DIAL DIGITAL REFRIGERATOR FREEZER COFFEE THERMOMETER MT10 Thermo - Hygrometer with water proof probe Range: -50oC to 70oC to 58oF -58oF to 158oF Humidity: 255 - 95 at 25oC77oF DOT2 Dual scale:65oC to 290oC 50oF to 550oF TC70 TCF220 TC100 TC250 Confection deep fry Not all pictured TC70 range: -40oC to 70oC TC100 range: 0oC to 100oC TCF220/3 range: -10oC to 100oC TC250 range: 0oC to 250oC BGTM100 Range: - 30°C to +50°C Comes with a holder so it can be mounted behind glass display fridge or vegetable drawer T200LC Dual scale: 65oC to 85oC 120oF to 200oF MT09 Jumbo In-Out Memory Range: Out -50oC to 70oC In 10oC - 60oC THERMOMETERS TESTING EQUIPMENT 15 ACE FILTERS INTERNATIONAL /

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DUST COLLECTION BAGS FMDCB Dust Collection Bags Dust Collection Bag Media Options Custom Manufacturing Custom made dust collection bags can be easily manufactured to your required specifcations. Our custom made Dust Collection Bags are designed with durability in mind and are available in a wide range of flter media. These products and are available in a broad range of industrial dust collection models including: • Snap Cuf • Raw Cut • Felt Collar UMA • Dalamatic • Sly Mideco Mikropul Filtaire Our Dust Collection Bag Filters are made from the highest quality premium 100 multiflament scrim supported needle punched polyester synthetic media with antistatic and oleophobic glazing. High temperature and coating options are designed to remove and reduce airborne contaminants in the environment. An extensive range of medias and specifcations are available. DUST COLLECTOR BAGS 16 ACE FILTERS INTERNATIONAL /

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PLEATED BAG CARTRIDGE Designed for use in industrial dust collector models our Pleated Bag Cartridges are available in a selection of media and fxing types to suit most applications. Of sturdy construction with a choice of sizes to suit standard and non-standard openings the pleated cartridge is a custom manufactured cartridge. Some of the styles and features we ofer include: • high performance polyurethane or spun metal ends • food grade units • spun bonded polyester media with an anti-static option We also ofer a range of standard diameters and lengths and many other variations to retroft most dust collectors on the market. The Pleated Bag Cartridge Filters are made from the highest quality premium 100 polyester synthetic media with antistatic oleophobic high temperature and coating options designed to remove and reduce airborne contaminants in the environment. Pleated Bag Cartridge Filters are a long life high efciency and lower pressure diferential option to standard bag flters. Custom Manufacturing Custom made Pleated Bag Cartridges can be quickly and easily manufactured if a sample sizes or detailed drawings are provided. PLEATED CARTRIDGES PLEATED CARTRIDGE Pleated Bag Cartridges Pleated Bag Cartridge Filter 17 ACE FILTERS INTERNATIONAL /

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AIR INTAKE CARTRIDGES Pleated Air Intake Cartridges Depth Filtration: Felt 93-955μm Foam 86-905μm Surface Filtration: Paper 99.965μm Spun Bonded Polyester 98-99.99 5μm. 99.99 achieved with Foam Pre Filter. Our wide range of air intake and blower cartridges for flters suit most industrial needs ranging from: • pneumatic conveying • furnaces • four mills • plastic manufacture and compounding • timber mills • food manufacturing The Pleated Air Intake Cartridge ranges comes in 4 media options. Size ID mm Size OD mm Height mm Air Volume m³/hr. 41 73 40 - 63 106 89 68 86 128 89 213 104 162 141 510 129 187 167 765 165 222 197 1105 190 248 235 1530 244 343 294 1869 269 394 351 3060 368 495 492 5100 368 495 600 6120 489 597 467 6120 629 743 467 9350 629 743 543 119 AIR INTAKE CARTRIDGES 18 ACE FILTERS INTERNATIONAL /

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GREASE / OIL MIST PANELS FMDCB Mist Oil / Grease Filters Micron Rated Liquid Filter Bags Grease oil and mist eliminator panels are available in a selection of sizes and frame designs. Designed for use in industrial environments where oil or water mist are present we have a size and style to suit most applications. Of sturdy construction in a choice of sizes to suit standard and non-standard openings the canopy flter is a custom manufactured panel to suit your specifc requirements. Our manufacturing facility can produce specialty liquid flter bags to suit your specifc application whether in standard or non - standard sizes in any of the following materials: • micron rated nylon • polyester • needle felt • polypropylene flter media • mono-flament We also stock a wide variety of standard size liquid flter bags in nominal micron ratings 1 to 1250 micron. We also ofer high performance polypropyl- ene media packs in a range of standard and non-standard sizes to ft most exhaust or supply air systems. The Oil / Mist Eliminator Panels are made from the highest quality synthetic or aluminium media with galvanised and stainless steel grade options designed to remove and reduce airborne mist in the environment. COMMERCIAL CANOPY FILTERS LIQUID FILTER BAG 19 ACE FILTERS INTERNATIONAL /

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We have fexible highly durable connectors and screens in a wide selection of sizes diameters lengths and high performance media options. The fex connector is a custom manufactured fexible connector to suit your exacting requirements. The fex screen range has a variety of micron ratings to choose from and being custom made we manufacture screens perfectly suited to each individual application. Flexible Connectors and Screens CONNECTOR SLEEVES / SCREENS CONNECTOR SLEEVES/SCREENS 20 ACE FILTERS INTERNATIONAL /

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Distributor Map North America / South America North Africa / Middle East Africa Southern Central Europe Asia North Asia South Philippines Australia / New Zealand We are Certifed by: GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION 21 ACE FILTERS INTERNATIONAL /

slide 23: Phone: 1300 555 204 Fax: 03 9761 6127 Email: 9 Eastspur Court Kilsyth VIC 3137 CONTACT DETAILS:

slide 24: Phone: 1300 555 204 Fax: 03 9761 6127 Email: 9 Eastspur Court Kilsyth VIC 3137 CONTACT DETAILS: DISTRIBUTOR

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