Do or die situations in online rummy game

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Do or die situations in online rummy game. :

Do or die situations in online rummy game.

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In online 13 cards Indian rummy games there are more exciting movements in different category of games in that players can feel the heat mostly at do or die situations . In this cash game , wh en game started each players are provided with 13 cards from the shuffled deck of 53 cards (for two players) or 106 cards (for more than two players). They need to form runs and sets with these 13 cards without having any one card unmatched, to win the game.

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Consider two players are playing 101 pool rummy game if player1 reaches above 81 but the player2 has 0 points, player1 not able to drop any game thereafter but the player have a chance to win the game by playing cleverly even it is also possible in next two rounds . The player has to plan critically for achieving this . Usually in best of series games mostly the last round decides the winner if player1 has some high points than player2 before the last round of the series player2 will focus on the points in hand and try to reduce that one below the player1’s point rather than concentrating to win that round.

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It is enough for player2 to concentrate on having single point less than the player1 on that round to win the series . During strikes games (point’s value game) like with or without joker. When the player has a joined a game and its minimum buy in is equal to the cash present in its account currently then he doesn’t have a chance to drop, if he drops he can’t able to continue with that game.

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Sometimes while playing in high value cash games and when both the players are in critical points . In situations like that due to poor network connection or disconnection problem the game play may stops on the player end, who suffering with that problem but the other player can play the game without interruption .

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Many of the sites providing auto play mode option. In Auto-Play mode the system will take a closed deck card and discard the same card giving a player an opportunity to re-join the game as soon as when they are reconnected. These are the most probably causing situations that a player facing do or die situations in online Indian rummy game . They can handle these situations with critically thinking by relaxing their mind.

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