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Accurate Rubber Corporation is a rubber product manufacturer who represents considerable authority in the augmentation, creation, and supply of rubber products including specialized gaskets, seals, and custom-made elastomer products in standard and specific polymers and designs.


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Silicone Rubber Tubing Manufacturer - USA


Accurate Rubber  is a manufacturers of custom extruded silicone rubber profiles such as gaskets, seals and strips. Our extruded rubber products includes; silicone tubing, rubber hose, platinum cured silicone tubing, fluorosilicone tubing, silicone rubber cord, conductive silicone rubber tubing, rubber extrusion, extruded and spliced gaskets, etc. Extruded Silicone Rubber Tubing


Odorless , tasteless, and inert Silicone tubing is FDA food-grade approved from -100F to 500F. Translucent natural color allows you to see the flow. The perfect tubing for building a personal brewery, especially for any time that the wort in contact with tubing will be above 180F. This tubing is not designed to hold pressures above 20psi. It works great with our magnetic drive pumps listed above, but we do not recommend it with a impeller pump or for use with household water pressure. 1/2" ID * 3/4" OD * Will burst at 30 PSI at 70F. Brewery Silicone Tubing & Hose


Silicone Milk & Dairy Tubing Silicone milk tubing is sanitary and due to tightly bonded non-reactive pure silicone resins, unaffected by milk fat, bacteria or cleaning chemicals. Silicone has a longer life than other types of milk tubing when used with care. Silicone is recommended for use with automated pinch valves. No color stripe.


Reinforce Silicone Tubing & Braided Hose Reinforced tubing can also be designed to increase wear resistance. Materials such as polyester and polyethylene can be placed inside the silicone wall in a spiral or braid configuration for tubes to be used inside the body . When your fluid transfer process requires to handle heavy pressure as well as high temperature simultaneously our reinforce silicone tubing & braided hose offer excellent solution for that. As per your requirement Accurate Rubber Corporation supply premium quality braided hose and reinforce silicone rubber tubing at very competitive price. It is designed, engineered and made with high performance industry and application in mind.


Platinum Cured Silicone Rubber Tubing & Gasket For pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications  platinum-cured silicone tubing  is an exceptional choice for fluid transfer. It offers high temperature resistance and fewer potential leachables . Silicone provides excellent biocompatibility and chemical inertness to maintain the purity of sensitive fluids. This tubing also has smooth surfaces and lower protein binding levels . Platinum Cured Silicone Tubing offers high purity as well as better safety which are very important factor while selecting Silicone Tubing especially if it is used in industries like medical, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, biomedical, cosmetic, etc…  Mostly Silicone Tubing can be made from two different kinds of silicone rubber elastomers, platinum cured silicone elastomer and peroxide cured silicone elastomer .


Contact Us 678-562-2097 Accurate Rubber Corporation 1335, Industrial Blvd NW Ste E, Conyers GA 30012 Important Links Silicone Rubber Tubing Silicone U Channel D Shaped Rubber Seal Silicone Rubber Cord Silicone Rubber Round Cord


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