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Are you looking to buy the best AC in India to beat summer this year? If then you are the best place. Here in this article, we will list the best window AC, best split AC, and best inverter AC for your home in India.


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Best AC In India 29 Jul 2020 Are you looking to buy the best AC in India to beat summer this year If then you are the best place. Here in this article we will list the best window AC best split AC and best inverter AC for your home in India. These days due to global warming the temperature of the planet earth has increased by 0.8 degrees Celsius. Thus installing an air conditioner has become crucial to get cool indoor air. This electrical device collects hot air from the surroundings and brings cool with the help of the cooling gas. List Of 10 Best AC Brands In India Samsung AC Voltas AC Hitachi AC Carrier AC LG AC O General AC Panasonic AC Daikin AC Blue star AC Onida AC Buy Best AC In India 1/5

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Depending upon the budget and requirement all ac is best but here we have listed the top 10 windows AC in India. You can buy choose better one according to your requirement. You can also contact AC Care India. Best Brands AC In India Check Detail/Buy Now Samsung AC Buy Now Voltas AC Buy Now Hitachi AC Buy Now Carrier AC Buy Now LG AC Buy Now O General AC Buy Now Panasonic AC Buy Now Daikin AC Buy Now Blue Star AC Buy Now Onida AC Buy Now Best AC Brand in India 1. Samsung AC Samsung is one of the most reputed brands in manufacturing electronic home appliances. It is Samsungs product quality which attracts a large number of buyers in India. Samsung AC is based on advance and modern technology which makes buying this brand-worthy. 2. Voltas AC When it comes to AC installation Voltas draws the attention of many people in India as it is an Indian company that manufactures the best quality window and well as split AC. And Installation Voltas AC enables you to enjoy cool are comfortable environments inside the home irrespective of the temperature outside. 2/5

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Voltas AC comes with various and much better specifications and high-end features. The Voltas AC is available in multiple sizes such as 1ton 1.5 tons and 2 ton thus you can choose the best suitable window AC and split AC for your home. 3. Hitachi AC It is one of the topmost and reputed brands of AC. Not only in India but Hitachi is also famous worldwide for manufacturing top-quality AC unit. Thus buying Hitachi AC for your home in India can be the best option. The Hitachi AC also comes in various capacities and features therefore you can buy the best according to your need and budget. 4. Carrier AC It is also one of the fastest-growing AC manufacturing brands which design the best AC in India. The AC designed and manufacture by Carrier is best and based on the advance and modern technology which brings cold and fresh air inside the home irrespective of the temperature. 5. LG AC Lg is one of the best-known brands in manufacturing good quality electronic devices for more than a decade. Installation of Lg AC at your home can be the best option as these air conditioners brands bring cold and fresh air irrespective of the temperature outside. 6. O General AC This air conditioner brand is known for its eco-friendly technology high efficiency and effective cooling operation at a high temperature. Thus buying O General air conditioner can be the best option as it can bring cool air irrespective of the temperature outside. 7. Panasonic AC Panasonic AC units are technologically advanced which can bring cool air irrespective of the surrounding. Along with these benefits. Panasonic AC is also well-equipped to capture microbes such as bacteria virus mold and other particles of 2.5 PM. So that air you breathe not only cool but also healthy and contamination-free. 8. Daikin AC With the improvement in technology air conditioners are getting modernized. Daikin has adopted the changes and started manufacturing the best AC unit for domestic and commercial uses. The Daikin AC units are ingenious electronic appliances. Some of these appliances come with restart functions that help you in various ways. Thus installation of Daikin AC can be the best option. 3/5

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9. Blue Star AC Blue Star is one of the well-established air conditioner brands that started its operation just a year after Indias independence. Currently it is among the few best AC manufacturer in India. Blue Star AC units are based on the latest technology making it one of the best and most highly sold products in India. 10. Onida AC Onida is one of the top AC unit manufacturer brands in India. It is known for manufacturing highly innovative and customer-centric products. Onida believes in artificial intelligence and enthusiastic about manufacturing AC units which fulfill your cooling needs and offer an unmatched user- experience. Factor To Consider While Buying Best AC In India The price of the AC unit will start falling a bit from August onwards. So it is the right time to buy the best AC in India at best and economical prices. You can still use the AC unit for 2 or 3 months depending upon which part of India you are living in. If you are all set to buy the best AC unit for your home then there are some crucial factor which you need to consider. Here we have listed some of those essential factors which are 1. Tonnage While buying the AC unit the biggest factor you need to consider is its capacity. The capacity of the required AC unit entirely depends upon the size of the room. If your room size is smaller than 140 sq. Ft than 1 ton AC unit is perfect but if your room size ranges between 140 sq feet to 180 sq ft then you need to install AC of 1.5-ton capacity. You can install 2 ton AC if your room size is more significant than 2. Energy Efficiency It is another essential factor that one must consider while having an AC unit. It is necessary to buy an AC unit that provides you cool and healthy air and consumes less electricity. You can also check for the star rating the star rating available on the AC unit shows how efficient an AC unit is Higher the star an AC has the more valuable it is and the less electricity it will consume. 3. Split Of Window Most of the people get confused here. Both windows or spilt AC are good enough to bring cool and healthy air inside your home. But both have their advantages such are window AC is cheaper than split AC while Split provides better distribution of cool air inside the house. Thus you can choose according to your own need and requirement. 4. Air Quality 4/5

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4. Air Quality While buying a new air conditioner unit for your home must ensure that your AC unit is equipped with a good dehumidification unit. The dehumidification unit present in the air conditioner ensures to reduce the humidity in the room increasing cooling and more comfort. An AC unit with a good quality dehumidifier provides more cooling and comfort during the monsoon season. The another thing to look out for is a filter. A good quality filter gives better cooling and also improves the efficiency of the AC. 5. Cooling Speed AC unit with adjustable thermostat two fans and variable speed will help you to get different settings at different times of the day. It means that this will consume the least power. The various pre-defined configuration can give you better cooling while saving electricity bills. About Author Abhishek Kumar 5/5

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