How to Choose an Air Conditioner for Your Home

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How to Choose an Air Conditioner for Your Home The job of choosing air conditioners can be a little confusing. And when it comes to purchasing an air conditioner for your home you should always do proper research. But why is it essential We want you to get the best for yourself and your family. So here we have made a list of all the things you should know before buying an AC. Types of Air Conditioners The three main types of air conditioners that are available in the market are - split system ducted and multi-split system. Each type of air conditioner has different features with different benefits. Split System - This type of air conditioner is perfect for compact spaces such as maintaining the temperature of any individual rooms of your home. A split system AC is designed in such a way that the compressor is placed outside the house and air passing unit is either floor-standing or wall-mounted. The benefits of having a split system are that they are more economical and you get an abundance of choices for which space you want the AC for Multi-Split System- If you want to run multiple air conditioners with the use of just one outside compressor and then the multi-split system is the perfect choice for you. It also gets an independent temperature control with this type of ACs. These types of ACs are very convenient comfortable as well as economical. You also have the advantage of choosing five different indoor units with just a single outside compressor. The indoor units can either be wall-mounted floor-standing duct-connected ceiling-suspended or cassette-type.

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Ducted- Ducted air conditioners are the best if you want all-in-one climate control. These types of ACs have concealed indoor units which is a discreet outdoor unit. One of the main benefits of ducted systems is that they can be easily installed into any existing or new infrastructure. Also the controller and grilles can only be seen with all the other technologies hidden underneath. Not just that they are also the quietest of all other systems. Once you have decided what type of air conditioner you want for your home then you can have a look at the Mitsubishi heavy industries air conditioners as they can be your ideal choice when it comes to quality and price. Along with that Mitsubishi Heavy Industries AC is known for combining versatility with good looks. What else do you need Tips for choosing the right AC capacity- The heating and cooling capacity of an AC is rated in kilowatts kW. You may need a 2/5kW model for a small room whereas a larger room may need a model of 6kW or more. So it is essential to know the capacity required for your desired space. There are a few things you should keep in mind while calculating the capacity:  The size of the room  The type of room kitchen living room bedroom etc.  The orientation and size of the windows and glass doors  Insulation of the floor and walls  Shading and curtains used for the windows  The atmospheric climate of the area Type of Indoor Unit There are three main types of indoor units- High wall floor mounted and cassette. Here we have given a brief description to help you understand the fundamental difference amongst the three. High Wall- This type of indoor unit is most common in split-system A/C where the unit is mounted high on the walls. This helps in easily blowing the air across the room by pushing the hot air up by the cold air while sinking the room. Floor Mounted- These units are best for those who mainly use AC for heating as the indoor unit is wall mounted at floor level. The hot air is lighter than cold air and therefore when coming out at low level rises to the ceiling. Cassette- These units are mostly mounted in the ceiling however some of them can also be mounted on the floor and are most commonly found in commercial buildings. Extra Features present in an air conditioner- You will get a wide range of air conditioners in the market with various features that are added depending on the costing and comfort. Some of the features that are included in

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most of the ACs and are beneficial have been listed below. You should know about these extra features to get a better product for yourself.  Remote control – This feature allows you to have control over the temperature of your surroundings from a distance. Also when you are buying an AC always look for well-spaced and large buttons which are easy and prominent to read.  Sleep mode – Sleep mode is a feature which allows the air conditioner to adjust itself not to work too hard and be in a mode where it does not use as much electricity while you are fast asleep.  Timer – There is a feature available in ACs which allows it to turn itself off at a designated time. This helps in saving money and avoids you from heart attacks that you can get from your massive electricity bills.  Human presence sensor – ACs have a feature that can detect the presence of any human in the room. The unit can switch itself to an economy mode when there is no one detected in the room. The economy mode helps to reduce the power consumption saving your electricity and money.  Dehumidifier – It lowers the humidity level in the surrounding air making it a comfortable place to stay. Our main motive is to help you understand what is best for you and find the ideal air conditioner that can fulfil all your needs. And we all know that this can never be done without proper research and knowledge about the various types of air conditioners. And it is always a better option to go-to experts when it comes to installation or maintenance of air conditioners. Classic Air conditioners No-426 Kilpauk Garden Road Opposite Murugan Hospital Aspiran Garden Colony Kilpauk Contact No: 9551191495/9042993493/044-26460161 Email: Website:

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