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EDUC 511 summer 08


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AP Physics air resistance lab : 

AP Physics air resistance lab Action plan Summary by Andy Buchanan EDUC 511

Outline : 

Outline Pre-lab 1 - concepts Pre-lab 2 – design an experiment Lab activity 1 – perform experiment Lab activity 2 – apply the results Lab report - reflection

Pre-Lab #1 : 

Pre-Lab #1 Students work with partners Introduced to activity & objectives Youtube videos Video 1 Video 2 Which will fall faster this or one of these ?

Pre-Lab #1 continued : 

Pre-Lab #1 continued List 3 characteristics of “fast” falling objects and 3 characteristics of “slow” falling objects Propose a hypothesis for which objects fall faster than other Give rational for hypothesis Propose a simple experiment to support hypothesis

Pre-Lab #1 Assessment : 

Pre-Lab #1 Assessment Self and peer assessment Class discussion Testing of hypotheses Download Pre-Lab 1 Handout with rubric

Pre-Lab #2 : 

Pre-Lab #2 Terminal velocity Leading conceptual questions Design and experiment to develop a mathematical expression for the force of air resistance as a function of speed

Pre-Lab #2 Assessment : 

Pre-Lab #2 Assessment Teacher assessment Confirm that proposed experiment is appropriate and adequately planned Download Pre-Lab #2 Handout with rubric

Lab Activity 1 : 

Lab Activity 1 Perform experiment as planned during pre-lab Complete data analysis Develop equation for air resistance as a function of speed Teacher assessment Download Lab Activity 1 Handout with rubric

Lab Activity 2 : 

Lab Activity 2 Contest ! Winners get the “Lab Master” trophy Assessment based on performance against contest goals Download Lab Activity 2 Handout with rubric

Lab Report : 

Lab Report Traditional formal report per AP requirements Word and Excel Becomes part of student’s portfolio Assessment rubric Future enhancement Replace or supplement report with presentation Download Report Requirements with rubric

Summary of Technology Used : 

Summary of Technology Used Moodle site Download assignments Upload assessment products Word for Window Excel Google Docs Youtube

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