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What is the first step S L I D E 0 2 What is the process for studying abroad Where do you start Why do you want to go abroad How will study abroad fit into your academic program Do you want to study in a foreign language When do you want to go How long do you want to stay What is your budget Start by asking yourself these questions:

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which contains extensive information about study abroad programs.  Our Expert counsellor will help you start the process. Out of all the possibilities your aim will be to choose a program that’s right for you given your own personal and academic objective S E T U P A N O N L I N E C O U N S E L L I N G W I T H U S L O G O N T O   W W W . A B R O A D S H I K S H A . C O M

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Once you have decided on a program make another appointment with your study abroad advisor for an application. A P P L Y T O T H E P R O G R A M O F Y O U R C H O I C E There are thousands of scholarships and grants out there that can support you during your studies abroad. Abroad Shiksha can help you to find a suitable scholarship for your needs.  S C H O L A R S H I P S F I N A N C I A L A I D

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Keep on moving forward To gaining life experience seeing new places and immersing oneself in a new culture studying abroad has the major career education and lifestyle benefits. From increased earnings to better job prospects studying abroad can pay off big. S L I D E 0 5

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Career Advantages Want to make a global impact S L I D E 0 6 H I G H E R A V E R A G E E A R N I N G S A study found that study abroad students have a 25 higher starting salary than those who do not study abroad. E A S I E R T O F I N D A J O B We also found that 97 of their study abroad alumni find a job within one year of graduation while only 49 of other graduates find a job in that time.  A D D I T I O N A L C A R E E R P A T H S With these new experiences you may be exposed to new careers you had not previously considered.

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Student Development of Study Abroad W W W . A B R O A D S H I K S H A . C O M S L I D E 0 7 98 Better Understanding of their own cultural value and biases  Increase Self Confidence Studying Abroad influenced subsequent educational experience Acquiring skill set that influenced their career path Studying abroad served as a catalyst for increased maturity 96 86 75 97

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Our services are student career-centric i.e. it helps in achieving a career of your dream.

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Our Comprehensive Services S L I D E 0 9 Abroad Shiskha is structured to be the perfect stepping stone for a student from the local to the global atmosphere and provides every assistance required to make the transition smooth seamless and effortless. S E R V I C E S We specialize in answering core issues like accommodation assistance and visa issuance along with counselling students regarding all the doubts and clarifications they may need to completely comprehend foreign education and the proper approach for assured admission. we’re dedicated to offering superior academic and student support services

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UNIVERSITIES Find your perfect university program Online – covering entry requirements specializations career prospects and more. Log on to w w w . a b r o a d s h i k s h a . c o m and click on the search universities to find out about available programs in your subject of interest for studying abroad. DESTINATIONS Whether you are starting out in the United States and looking into Study Abroad Programs in Europe or you are in France and you want to study fashion in New York City you can use location as your motivator. Abroad Shiksha partner with 4 8 + Countries. In fact each country may have several popular cities to choose from. Consider that each place is an opportunity to study explore the landscape art culture and enjoy making new connections.

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Why Study Abroad with AbroadShiksha S L I D E   1 1 Our end to end comprehensive approach helps you in achieving success Our online services enable you to be in touch with us even after you are abroad in your dream university. Abroad Shiksha packages are designed to alleviate short-term and Long-term problems a student might face during Study Abroad Technology-driven transparent and unbiased counselling services

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