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Abrar Sait created and backed HY fixed-income issues and played a decisive role in organizing credit products like insurance-linked securities, trust preferred securities, and risk swaps in order to conduct the capital management program of securitizing uncorrelated assets. Find out more about him at his official site http://abrarsait.com


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Abrar Sait

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Abrar Sait worked at the Aon Corp. - Aon Capital Markets in Chicago IL as an associate director for 3 years. He managed various roles and responsibilities while working there. He has afforded his exceptional services at Enron Corp. from 1997 – 2001 as an associate.

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Abrar Sait has numerous potentials and he possesses great expertise in Investment banking services comprising of capital raising, M&A, and private equity advisory. He knows and understands the importance of cash flow, risk management, investments etc.

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While serving as an Associate Director, Abrar Sait managed and supervised the structured insurance advisory mandate amongst the convergence of reinsurance and financial marketplaces. 

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Abrar Sait has contributed a lot through his exceptional services in reputed organizations and has outdone while taking up different responsibilities.

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Abrar Sait possesses several expertise linked to Business Development/Relationship Management, All-inclusive Financial Planning and Professional Development.

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He is known for his innovative and creative financial solutions and he proposes several innovative ways to authorize the value of detailed financial planning process to clients.

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THANK YOU Find out more about him at his official site http://abrarsait.com

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