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What’s in the Water?:

What’s in the Water?

Water is Important!!!:

Water is Important!!! Sources of water: Rivers Lakes Ponds Streams Creeks Uses of Water? Drinking Transportation Recreation Habitat

What is Pollution?:

What is Pollution? Four types of Pollution: Chemical Thermal Organic Ecological

Chemical Pollution:

Chemical Pollution Oil Spills House Hold Cleaners Transportation Medicine Factories

Thermal Pollution :

Thermal Pollution Cause the temperature in an environment to change in a non-normal way!!! Nuclear Power Geysers Factories

Organic Pollution:

Organic Pollution Algae Animal Waste Human Waste Fertilizers

Ecological Pollution:

Ecological Pollution

Sum Up Video:

Sum Up Video http://www.schooltube.com/video/da4dd14274874c1fb2cc/Pollution

HW Assignment:

HW Assignment Go Home and find one example online or near your house that could be considered pollution. Find the location Name the types of pollution

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