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I used this to explain the concept of Pay Per Click to the companies CEO and Chairman of the board. Their comment, "for the first time in 6 years, we have finally understood Pay Per Click".


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Pay Per Click- Direct Marketing On Steroids : 

Pay Per Click- Direct Marketing On Steroids Perry Marshall, a famous Google Adwords Consultant “Google AdWords is direct marketing on steroids” Michael Dell, “E-marketing is nothing but direct marketing on steroids“ Craig McCracken David Jaeger 8/15/07

What Exactly is PPC?: 

What Exactly is PPC? How does PPC Search Work? We create ads on the search engines triggered by keywords…

What Makes PPC Search Unique?: 

What Makes PPC Search Unique? Prospects come to you- Search copmpared to other Direct Marketing methods like Direct Mail, where the advertising piece has to interrupt the flow of the customers thought Immediate Results- The ability to throw up a campaign, and learn what people’s response is in a matter of days instead of weeks Concise- You need to convince Prospects in 100 characters or less to click on your ad Caution: Although PPC is our most effective tactic, we should diversify our investment in lead generation sources

The Big Players in Search: 

The Big Players in Search Google Yahoo MSN Google is the leader; Yahoo & MSN follow So what is Google’s Philosophy that makes it so successful?

The Google Belief: 

The Google Belief Google’s number one Belief is: Focus on the user and all else will follow (We utilize similar focus in our PPC strategy and philosophy) We utilize keywords and ad copy that are relevant to both the searcher and our sales team

The Technology Background: 

The Technology Background Overture created a straight auction system per keyword. Yahoo bought them out in 2003 for $1.7 billion. Google created adwords in 2001, which focused more on user experience. In early 2005 / 2006 Yahoo created a new platform, which copies Google’s methodology – to an extent

Search Factors: 

Search Factors Keywords - (Are the people entering that keyword looking for our product? ) Ads - (Does the ad make them feel like you have “the solution” to their needs?) Website – Does the website answer their questions / objections, and convince them to call or request more information?

PPC Cost Factors: 

PPC Cost Factors Click Through Rate (Google Yahoo & MSN) Keyword Relevance/Quality Score – Relevance of Keyword -> Ad -> Landing Page (Google Only) Search Share – (Yahoo only) Requires advertisers to spend more just to increase the % of times their ad is shown

Technologies Employed To Reduce Waste: 

Technologies Employed To Reduce Waste Negative Keywords Broad, Phrase and Exact Match (allows for better CTR’s)- Just Google and MSN DayParting - Just Google and MSN Demograhic Targeting – Just MSN, but being that their market share is so small, and ROI is so good, it’s not worth working with right now IP Blocking

PPC Current Improvements: 

PPC Current Improvements Bidding More Efficiently Reducing Low Quality Keywords & Ads Improving Ads Dayparting – (Focusing on business hours)

PPC Plan Moving Forward: 

PPC Plan Moving Forward Stage 1: Perfecting Current Ads and expanding to other networks Negative Keywords Activating MSN for all sites Stage 2: Split Test and Refine Current Ads Improve Ad Copy Create and Split Test New Messages & Call To Actions Split Test Landing Pages Using Google Optimizer Create Unique Landing Pages for Keywords

A Look Into the Future: 

A Look Into the Future Automated Bid Solutions – Re-implement solutions to improve efficiency Advertising / Content Creation on Third Party Sites Lead Purchase Programs- We should get leads from other “partners” / “sources” (Google) Newspaper and Radio

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