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The tour operators provide tour itineraries which suit your time and budget limitations. There are full day and half day trips which are well planned and cover quite a bit of all there is to see. Visit: http://aboutephesus.com/


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If you are a history buff and an avid traveller you cannot afford to miss out on Turkey. The place has an incredible romance about it- the splendid monuments strewn across the country speak of a rich cultural history the fabulous coastlines and landscapes a warm friendly people whose traditions and lifestyles speak of myriad influences the fantastic range of cuisines is just one such example the busy bustling colourful streets and bazaars-are what Turkey is all about. Amongst the innumerable places worth visiting in Turkey Ephesus perhaps tops the list. The place is a UNESCO heritage site and just about 15 of the ancient city of Ephesus has been unearthed till date. Archaeologists from all over the world are busy trying to unearth the rest of this incredible and wealthy port city of the ancient Greek and Roman empires. But just this 15 is enough to give you a glimpse of an incredible era of wealth power learning and beauty. An Ephesus Turkey tour is a must if you are planning to visit Turkey for a vacation.

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There is a lot to see in Ephesus. When you walk the streets of Ephesus you will be following in the footsteps of Emperors philosophers queens and powerful religious figures. It is believed that Mother Mary spent her last days in Ephesus St. John the apostle preached here Alexander the great strode down its marbled streets the haughty and powerful Cleopatra held court here Mark Anthony besotted with love for Cleopatra sat in the gardens with her by his side and the great philosopher Heraclitus pondered on the ways of life in this city. The list is endless and one can go on and on…but one will never be able to do justice to this place by mere descriptions- it needs to be experienced first-hand Access to Ephesus is relatively simple. Ephesus Turkey tour agencies usually make extremely comfortable and efficient arrangements to have you picked from and to the nearest Airport port hotel. There are no arrangements for stay near the sites itself in order to preserve the place and eliminate disturbances which will be harmful to the structures.

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The tour operators provide tour itineraries which suit your time and budget limitations. There are full day and half day trips which are well planned and cover quite a bit of all there is to see. But even a half day or a full day trip should be selected according to your area of interest. You may choose from sightseeing options like Biblical archaeological terrace homes etc. In case you can manage the time then a customized tour can be worked out with the guidance of experienced tour agencies to fit in all the sites you want to visit according to the number of days orhours available with you.

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Since Ephesus is such a popular tourist destination the packages and offers from the array of tour operators are competitive-in terms of prices arrangements tour guides comfort level and so on. But it is a good idea to check out websites thoroughly read some reviews or get word of mouth recommendations before selecting a tour service agency. The wonderful heritage monuments the ease of access and the extremely good travel agencies are just some of the reasons why you should be visiting Ephesus. But if you visit once we guarantee you will find a lot more reasons to keep coming back Contact Details Camikebir Mahhalesi Oge Sokak Erten Apt. No 10/6 Kusadasi Aydin 09400 Turkiye http://aboutephesus.com/ https://www.facebook.com/AboutEphesus https://plus.google.com/+AboutEphesus https://twitter.com/aboutephesus Tel no. : 00 90 256 612 99 90 E mail: infoaboutephesus.com

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