Forces and Motion

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Motion and Forces : 

Motion and Forces Physical Science 2.3

Forces : 

Forces Force- push or pull that one object exerts on another Examples: hitting a baseball, throwing a basketball, etc. Forces aren’t always noticeable Floor pushes up on you- otherwise you’d fall Forces influence motion Changes the velocity- either the speed or direction

Forces : 

Forces Net Force- Total force on an object If forces are balanced, no movement occurs- net force is zero Balanced forces- forces equal in size but opposite in direction Why don’t you fall through the floor?? Unbalanced force- force that is not balanced by another force Results in movement

Forces : 

Forces Strong force to the right, weak force to the left = move to the right Inertia- the tendency of an object to resist any change in motion If moving- stays moving unless acted on by unbalanced force If stopped- stays stopped unless acted on by unbalanced force Car should stay in motion once it starts in motion Problem: friction opposes motion

Forces : 

Forces Inertia and injury In car crashes, you tend to remain in motion until you are acted on by a force (until you hit something that resists you) Seatbelts Prevents people from being thrown from the car- provides unbalanced force to stop inertia Increases time over which patient slows

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