Sound - Longitudinal Waves

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Sound : 


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Sound is produced when an object vibrates. The vibrating of compressions and rarefactions make the sound travel. The speed of sound depends on 4 things: 1. The it travels through. 2. The of the medium. 3. The of the medium. 4. The of the medium. medium temperature density elasticity

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Sound must be transmitted through a medium Sound can be transmitted through any kind of matter: _______, ________, or _____. (Air is most common) Why is their no sound in space? solid liquid gas

Speed of Sound : 

Speed of Sound Sound travels faster through solids than liquids, and faster through liquids than ____________. As temperature increases, molecule movement __________, which causes more energy, which allows sound waves to be transmitted ________. gases increases faster

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You see lighting before you hear thunder (sound), because light waves travel about 1 million times faster than sound waves. Measured in decibels (dB). The greater the of the sound wave, the louder the sound. is highness or lowness of a sound. Frequency of sound wave determines the pitch. amplitude Pitch

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___________is the amount of energy that flows through a certain area in a specific amount of time. Wind, earthquakes and heavy machinery produce sound waves that vibrate __________. Sound waves of ____ intensity travel farther. Sound waves cannot travel through a ___________. Intensity slowly high vacuum

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The higher frequency of the sound the __________the pitch. Loudness and pitch are not related; pitch is related to________ and _________, and _________. Loudness is human perception to sound intensity. higher highness lowness frequency

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The Doppler Effect is the change in ________ that your hear as sounds ________ you. pitch pass

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