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@unitedfan....do you got the report of this topic...if so plz provide me.IT WILL be a great help sir....

By: rafay87 (90 month(s) ago)

@unitedfan....do you got the report of this topic...if so plz provide me.IT WILL be a great help sir....

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Hawk-Eye : 

New Technology used in sports By R.Abishek K.Chaithanya Kumar Hawk-Eye

Introduction : 

Hawk-Eye is a computer system used in cricket, tennis, snookers and other sports to visually track the path of the ball and display a record of its most statistically likely path as a moving image Hawk-Eye as the most innovative technology provider in sports broadcasting and is a development that will reinforce the group's presence and influence. Introduction

Slide 3: 

It is primarily used by the majority of television networks to track the trajectory of balls in flight. It was developed by engineers at Roke Manor Research Limited of UK in 2001 A patent was submitted by Dr Paul Hawkins and David Sherry.

Abilities : 

Hawk-eye can track any type of bounce, spin, swing and seam movement of the ball. Give a prediction as accurate as 99.99 percent Hawk-Eye was used for referring decisions to the third umpire in LBW. Abilities

Principle of Hawk-Eye : 

A Hawk-Eye system is based on the principle of ”Triangulation” Triangulation is the process of determining the location of a point by measuring angles to it from known points at either end of a fixed baseline Principle of Hawk-Eye

Slide 6: 

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Technology : 

Hawk-Eye takes 2 inputs Video provided by 6 different cameras placed at 6 different places. The speed of the ball. The system rapidly processes the video feeds by a high speed video processor. Technology

Slide 8: 

Hawk Eye incorporates both image analysis and radar technology. The six fixed JAI monochrome cameras, with a 120 MHz frame rate, are placed around the playing field They track the ball’s entire trajectory, right from the point where it is released from the bowler’s hand to the point the ball is considered dead.

Processor follows 4 Steps : 

(a) identify each frame from each camera, and groups the corresponding pixels to the image of the ball  (b) compute for each frame the 3D position of an image thus identified using ball image data from at least two different cameras Processor follows 4 Steps

Slide 10: 

(c)predict a ball flight-path from the said 3D ball position as computed in successive frames (d) map the predicted path on the modeled area so as to identify any interaction with one or more of the said characteristic features

Slide 11: 

The cameras are used in two sets, and a multi-channel frame grabber handles each set of cameras. The images captured are then processed by software to produce a 3-D image. This is updated 100 times every second. The system is able to locate the ball in 3-D and can predict the motion with a claimed accuracy of 5 mm

Slide 12: 

The system generates a graphic image of the ball path and playing area by using which umpires take decisions. The same can be provided to the television viewers and coaching staff.

Applications : 

Its applications are mainly in sports Cricket Tennis Snookers and In some games Applications

Cricket : 

Used in the third umpire decision(Referral system) At the end of an over, all six deliveries are shown simultaneously to show a bowler's variations such as bounce, speed variations and ball deviation. To view the deviation of the ball from actual track. Cricket

Tennis : 

Hawk-Eye was first used in tennis in the year 2004(US open tennis). In tennis Hawk-Eye generates the impact of the ball whether the ball is “IN” or “OUT” Tennis

Snookers : 

This technology is useful in cases where the cue ball touches the specified ball first or any other ball. Some games such as “Brian Lara Cricket 2005”also support this technology. Snookers Games

Conclusion : 

This technology has met the high reality and accuracy features. Hawk-Eye is currently developing a system for Football This technology helps to have correct decisions in any kind of game. Conclusion

Thank you : 

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