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Here are all the oscar moments for oscar 2019, it can best, worst, outrageous, funny, unforgettable and all the other oscar moments happen that night.


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Oscar 2019 SOURCE:-https://oscarmoment.blogspot.com/2019/09/oscar-2019.html The ​91st Academy Awards ​ ceremony presented by the ​Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences ​ AMPAS honored the best ​films of 2018 ​ and took place at the ​Dolby Theatre ​ in Hollywood ​ Los Angeles California. The ceremony was held on February 24 2019. During the ceremony AMPAS presented ​Academy Awards ​ commonly referred to as Oscars in 24 categories. The ceremony was televised in the United States by the ​American Broadcasting Company ​ ABC produced by ​Donna Gigliotti ​ and ​Glenn Weiss ​ with Weiss also serving as director. It was the first ceremony in three decades since the ​61st Academy Awards ​ in 1989 to be conducted with no host. Green Book ​ won three awards including ​Best Picture ​ and ​Best Supporting Actor ​ for Mahershala Ali ​s portrayal of ​Don Shirley ​ and ​Bohemian Rhapsody ​ led the ceremony with four awards including ​Best Actor ​ for ​Rami Malek ​s portrayal of ​Freddie Mercury ​. ​Roma ​ and ​Black Panther ​ also received three awards apiece with the former winning ​Best Director ​ for ​Alfonso Cuarón ​ and becoming the first ​Mexican submission ​ to win ​Best Foreign Language Film ​. ​Olivia Colman ​ was awarded ​Best Actress ​ for portraying ​Anne Queen of Great Britain ​ in ​The Favourite ​.

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1. Hosts We Don’t Need Hosts:- The Kevin Hart fiasco and the inability to find a replacement became a blessing in disguise for the telecast. With rare exceptions Oscar hosts tend to take more off the table than they add and even the good ones eat up valuable time that would otherwise be spent honoring the nominees and winners. Maya Rudolph Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s compressed version of what this year’s Jimmy might have tried got well-deserved laughs but when they were done the show felt lighter relieved of the burden to keep going back to them or anyone else. As a result the emphasis was on the winners the proceedings moved briskly fewer honorees got played off by the orchestra and things still ended close to on time. 2. Actually Some Hosts Might Have Been Nice…:- Let’s make one thing clear: Having no host at all is better than having Kevin Hart host who responded to a series of homophobic tweets being unearthed with apologies so hollow you could practically hear an echo. But it would’ve been nice if the Academy had

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found ​somebody ​ to take up Master-of-Ceremonies duty for the big night. A good awards-show host gives shape and coherence — and yeah a little bit of flavor — to what can easily become a repetitious evening of nominee announcements and speeches. 3. Maya Tina and Amy’s Fake Hosting Gig That Should’ve Been Real:- Maya Rudolph Tina Fey and Amy Poehler strutted out onstage near the top of the show and … wait were we getting hosts after all No dice but we did get one of the highlights of the evening. “Good evening and welcome to ​the one-millionth Academy Awards ​” Fey quipped. “We are not your hosts but we’ll stand here a little too long so the people who get ​USA Today ​ tomorrow will ​think ​ that we hosted.” The ​SNL ​ alums gave us a tasting menu of what their hosting job would have looked like with one-liners about Fyre Festival cheese sandwiches Bradley Cooper wetting his pants Trump’s dumb wall and yes a Wakanda pun. Fey and Poehler’s Golden Globes hosting stints are the stuff of legend along with last year’s Emmys this now marks the second time Rudolph has fake-hosted an awards show. 4. ‘Roma’ Gets Some of the Honor It Deserves:-

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With a deeply felt connection to its subject matter an incredible first performance by Yalitza Aparicio and a handful of shots that look like living paintings ​ ​Roma ​ is one of the best films of the century let alone of 2019. Alfonso Cuarón’s semi-autobiographical masterwork won in three major categories: Foreign Language Film Cinematography and Director though not alas Best Picture. 5. ‘Green Book’ Wins Best Picture:- That collective groan you heard at 11:15 p.m. ET was the sound of movie fans around the world reacting to this reductive retrograde buddy movie taking home the Best Picture award. There was a considerable backlash against the film both from moviegoers looking for a more nuanced take on race relations and from the family of Don Shirley played by Mahershala Ali who disputed the movie’s characterization of the classical pianist as a man out of touch with the black community. But it picked up steam throughout awards season leading to a sense of dread that it would prevail over the category’s bolder offerings. And in a tone-deaf move that served to underscore the film’s dated depiction of racism viewed from a white man’s perspective director Peter Farrelly white dude began his acceptance speech by saying that the film wouldn’t have existed without Viggo Mortensen white dude.

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6. Long Live the Queen and Best Actress Winner Olivia Colman:- We’ve been itching to hear another lovely endearing Olivia Colmans speech ever since she won a Golden Globe last month … but we didn’t think we’d get it so soon. Her win for ​The Favourite ​ was anything but a shoo-in Glenn Close was so favored to take home the award for ​The Wife ​ that she even ​dressed as an Oscar ​. It was the biggest surprise of the night. “Oooh it’s genuinely quite stressful. This is hilarious. I got an Oscar” a gobsmacked Colman began. She also gets credit for being the first Oscar winner to apologize to Glenn Close and blow a raspberry in the same speech. Long live the queen. 7. Spike Lee Finally Wins:- Jackson announced the end of a much longer and more frustrating streak: the Academy’s failure to award Lee an Oscar in competition. He won an honorary award in 2015. Lee — who literally leaped into Jackson’s arms when he reached the stage — was bleeped before his speech even began reportedly for ordering producers not to turn the “motherfucking” clock on

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then launched into a passionate story of how his family went from slavery to the Oscar stage within four generations. He ended by exhorting the audience to vote in the next presidential election referencing the film for which he should have won an Oscar close to 30 years ago: “Let’s do the right thing You know I had to get that in there.” 8. Babs Steps Out for ‘BlacKkKlansman’:- What could get the reclusive Barbra Streisand to leave her Malibu mansion and step onto a global stage again A groovy movie about a black police detective and his Jewish colleague infiltrating the KKK of course When the two-time Academy Award winner took the stage to introduce the nominated ​BlacKkKlansman ​ the audience leaped to its feet stunned. Their surprise turned to delight as Streisand launched into a passionate pitch for the film “It was so real so funny and yet so horrifying” and engaged in some chummy banter with its director Spike Lee from the stage.

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9. ‘Spider-Verse’ Wins Best Animated Feature:- As producer Christopher Miller relayed 800 filmmakers were the power behind the culturally groundbreaking ​Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse ​ — and with its singular visual aesthetics and a multifaceted Afro-Latino protagonist the animated movie offered ​a sui generis ​ take on what it means to be a superhero. To wit: ​Anyone ​ can be Spider-Man not just the white dude who started doing the web-slinging back in 1962. “When we hear that somebody’s kid was watching the movie and turned to them and said ‘He looks like me’ or ‘They speak Spanish like us’ … we feel like we already won” cowriter Phil Lord said in his speech. It felt like a victory for many not just those few folks onstage. 10. “I Can’t Believe a Film About Menstruation Just Won an Oscar”:-

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In a sign of progress for all the Documentary Short winner ​Period. End of Sentence. ​ — which began as an effort by L.A. students to help fund sanitary pads for girls in the developing world who are otherwise kept out of school while they’re menstruating — had women talking about one of the world’s most taboo topics from one of the world’s biggest stages. “I’m not crying because I’m on my period or anything … I can’t believe a film about menstruation just won an Oscar” said 25-year-old director Rayka Zehtabchi to laughs and cheers from the audience. Producer Melissa Berton called back to the Netflix doc’s tagline to close out the acceptance speech: “A period should end a sentence not a girl’s education.” Right on. Here I conclude my blog and let you live in that moment again so you can enjoy it and feel that moment again and let it make you wait for the next 92nd Academy Award oscar 2020.

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