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Data Mining :

Data Mining Kuldeep Kumbhar [ A-27] Amit Deshmukh [ A- 9]

Data Mining is:

Data Mining is The automated process of finding relationships and patterns in stored data It is different from the use of SQL queries and other business intelligence tools

Data Mining Is:

Data Mining Is Motivated by business need, large amounts of available data, and humans’ limited cognitive processing abilities Enabled by data warehousing, parallel processing, and data mining algorithms

Architecture of a Typical Data Mining System:

Architecture of a Typical Data Mining System 4 Data Warehouse Data cleaning & data integration Filtering Databases Database or data warehouse server Data mining engine Pattern evaluation Graphical user interface Knowledge-base

Data Mining: On What Kind of Data?:

February 23, 2011 Data Mining: Concepts and Techniques 5 Data Mining: On What Kind of Data? Relational databases Data warehouses Transactional databases Advanced DB and information repositories Object-oriented and object-relational databases Time-series data and temporal data Text databases and multimedia databases Heterogeneous and legacy databases WWW

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