Corporate Training An opportunity for chartered accountants

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Presentation at the WIRC Regional Conference December 2013


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Corporate Training An opportunity for CAs:

Corporate Training An opportunity for CAs Presented by: CA (Dr.) Abhijit Phadnis

Learning trends:

Learning trends Increasing use of e-learning, webinars, MOOCS for generalized learning Corporate training: customized rather than general Focus on experiential learning: workshop orientation Blended learning: combining different media Result orientation & focus on ROI

Seminars vs. Customized learning:

Seminars vs. Customized learning Seminars are very useful for awareness Customized learning is needed to make the learning business relevant Corporates are willing to pay for customization For the trainer, that is the learning excitement Deep subject understanding coupled with its practical applications


Opportunities Corporates: Fundamentals of accounting, cost & finance Financial Statement Analysis Cost Management Strategic Financial Management Risk Management Corporate governance & Director training Banking Professionals: Credit Risk Management Operations Risk Management & Fraud prevention Banking products Regulatory training


Opportunities Financial Services: Risk Management & Derivatives Taxation aspects of financial products Financial & Investment Planning Mutual Funds Distributor Training Bond Markets NISM certifications Financial Literacy IT & Consulting professionals: Finance Fundamentals Tax awareness for HR professionals Banking products Derivatives

Key success factors:

Key success factors Fundamental difference in approaches: Student teaching vs. corporate training Adult learning principles need to be followed Personalized & individual engagement High customer centricity

Pros & Cons:

Pros & Cons The excitement Joy of sharing Noble profession Steep learning curve Opportunities for creativity Need for constant updation The grim reality Not necessarily a paying profession for the effort involved Can be mechanical if it is commoditized Very less HR professionals who have time to focus on learning in the right way Quite often HR driven than business driven

My humble suggestions:

My humble suggestions Identify your niche in tandem with your practice area Do not focus only on training, blend it with your practice Hone your teaching & communication skills before you take a plunge Tie-up with large institutions such as CRISIL or Dun & Bradstreet

Thank you & best wishes:

Thank you & best wishes

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