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Roadmap for growth & success:

Roadmap for growth & success Presentation to the senior management team of A mid-sized co-operative bank in Mumbai Dr. Abhijit Phadnis January 11, 2013

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About the Author Dr. Abhijit Phadnis B. Com, ACMA, ACA, ACS, CFA, PhD (IITB) Dr. Abhijit Phadnis is a Chartered Accountant, Cost Accountant, Company Secretary and Chartered Financial Analyst, with a high all-India rank in all these examinations; having stood 11 th , 2 nd , 1 st and 3 rd respectively. He was also awarded a Ph.D. by IIT, Mumbai, and his thesis has been published by a German academic publisher for sale globally. He is a rank-holding graduate in Commerce, from the University of Mumbai . Abhijit began teaching management students in 1985. He has conducted over 250 executive education programs for over 40 reputed Indian companies, and has always received outstanding feedback for his teaching skills. One consistent feedback from all the participants is that Abhijit makes complicated things simple! Currently, Abhijit is a visiting faculty with the School of Management at IIT, Mumbai . Abhijit blends his teaching with a lot of practical insights, obtained through his 28-year professional and consulting career. He has worked for reputed firms like Johnson & Johnson, Grindlays Bank as well as for two Swiss Banks - UBS & Credit Suisse. He was a Director with the Indian subsidiaries of these two banks and was in-charge of all the business support functions in India. He has also served on the Board of a reputed co-operative bank. Apart from stints in the corporate world, Abhijit has served on the Academic Council and Board of Governors of The Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India. Abhijit has also been very active socially.

The 5 Vs of business:

The 5 Vs of business Vision Value proposition Value delivery Value creators Value system Society People Stakeholders Customer Attention to these 5 Vs is a must to create a lasting organization


Vision Multiplied force .. for a common goal Is it documented? Power of a written vision ..

Value Proposition:

Customer Centricity & alignment Brand Management Pricing Power: Differentiation Value Proposition Ensures competitiveness Reduces need for advertising / promotion

Value Delivery:

Risk Management Working Capital Management Value Delivery Customer Experience Profitability

Value creators:

Value creators Win - Win Growth

Value system:

Value system Balancing oversight & execution Compliance Commitment Resolving Conflicts of Interest Core Beliefs Ensures long term sustainability

Banking Scenario today Challenges:

Banking Scenario today Challenges Ever-increasing regulatory glare Premium on size: world scale banks PSBs: efficiency on the rise Emergence of new private sector banks Aggressive NBFCs Race for quality assets Commoditization of banking Premium on knowledge

Banking Scenario today Opportunities:

Banking Scenario today Opportunities Small can be beautiful UCBs can do what nationalized & private sector banks can’t do, in terms of reaching out Create niches Initiatives that build emotional ownership in the society & help grow business Offering services which can add value and are consistent with risk appetite Specialize in narrow areas & match the world class standards in terms of processes & knowledge Instead of doing everything that others do, it would make a lot of sense to do a few things to a world class standard or even better

Approaches to growth:

Approaches to growth

Path for growth:

Path for growth

A. Articulate Vision:

A. Articulate Vision Provides a sense of direction Rallies organization behind a cause Eliminates wasted efforts An opportunity to involve stakeholders Provides a review benchmark

B. Derive Mission Clarity:

B. Derive Mission Clarity Identify: Must dos (Mission critical) Must prepares (Emerging Mission critical) Must plans (Would become critical sometime later) Aspects Products Customer experience (including processes) Risk management

Create a ‘pull’ factor:


C. Obstacles & time wasters:

C. Obstacles & time wasters Non-compliance Process failures Unproductive meetings Misdirected trainings Activities which do not add value Long winding processes: multiple approvals Being reactive Lack of adequate planning They & us attitude Blind following of others We need to eliminate these time wasters before we can get into the path of progress

D. Enhance Capabilities:

D. Enhance Capabilities Mission clarity Role clarity: Job descriptions Competencies required for different roles Identify gaps Defining learning agenda Roll out capacity enhancement agenda Create centers of excellence Intelligence & knowledge is often only a matter of exposure

Creating a learning organization:

Creating a learning organization

Pursuit of excellence:

Pursuit of excellence

E. Replicating success:

E. Replicating success Right initiatives, right outcome ‘Pull’ creates growth, rather than ‘pushing’ growth Identification of similar target markets Ensuring organizational preparedness Rationalizing existing branch network Opportunities to replicate success


TO SUM-UP Vision Rooted in Reality World class processes in the identified niches Knowledge Orientation Identifying a niche positioning & purpose Harnessing human potential From reactive to proactive

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