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* Technology can be defined as science applied to practical purposes. * Modern Technology makes life Easier & dignified for most of the people.

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making the thing invisible without travelling the speed of light

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Robot that have a brain as a human and times powerful than us , under our control

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carrying a tv in one's pocket with high flexibility

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Mobile Phone With internet access As speed as Broadband.

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complete change of computer science by adding physics to it

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Nano technology is another Field where there will be Abrupt devlopment

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Devlopment of the PAST To Present

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This how the COMPUTER Changed their FORM

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NANO Technology IT is the engineering Of functional systems At MOLECULAR level

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Fields where Nano Technology is Used (1) Hard cutting tools (2) Fuel cells (3) High energy density batteries (4) Computer chips (5) Sensors (6) Paint coating

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Future application of NANO TECHNOLOGY * NANO coatings for widows That Reflect heat in summer And Transmit in winter

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Contact Lens that let u check your Blood & Sugar Level by looking at Mirror

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NANO NETS Network of carbon Nano tubes enable electronic Function at low cost.

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THE Durable nature of NANONETS make them Suitable for *elctronic paper *flexible display screens *sensors *solar cells

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**some Nano Particles has the property of producing waves of electrons that propagate along the interface between a metal and non conductive material

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these can be used in altering the electro-magnetic field around an object and make it invisible

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NANO Technology is now Used in making IC(integrated circuits)

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With smaller IC the Mobile technology had a Vast change in the past decade

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Mobile Technology **mobile phone is a small potable communication device that enables people to make phone calls whenever wherever they are through signal transmission or through satellite **signal transmission is the basic concept of for mobile technology

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Future of Mobile Technology *the mobile phones get’s more & more sophisticated for usage

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4G Technology An Advanced Technology which Allow us to access net as speed as Broadband with tighter security & Higher quality

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Push to Talk push to talk (PTT) is also a function which is expected to be integrated on mobile phones in near future by this users need not have to dial to get connected .it is idea same as walkie talkie

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QUANTUM Computing Combination of physics, Mathematics & Computer science

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Till 1994 there is no Theory or Algorithm to Support Quantum Computing In 1995 Peter Shor showed A Quantum Algorithm which Could exponentially speed up classical Computations than any classical Algorthim

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Soon many algorithms Followed and solved all algebra problems and in past decade the growth of this field is exponential **By 2004 it has got great Reputation In theory field all left is to devolp hardware

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BASICS of QUANTUM Computing The basic paradigm of quantum computing is composed of QUIBITS(units of information) & QUANTUM GATE(basic logic manipulation gates)

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QUBIT *It is the Quantum analogue of bit *The state of qubit can be described As two dimensional vector in Hilbert space Theoritically it can store infinite amount of Information Yet measured it yeilds classic result(bit)

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Quantum Gate The logic gates are represented by matrices & visulazied as “Rotations of quantum state”

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Quantum Technology With the technology and the basics Every major labs are investing in Devleopment of Quantum computing

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The research finally got a result By making a quantum computer of 2 qubit processor

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The Orion system is a hardware accelerator designed to solve a particular NP-complete problem called the two dimensional Ising model in a magnetic field. It is built around a 16-qubit superconducting adiabatic quantum computer processor

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