Brown Sugar Substitute for Healthy Sweet Alternatives

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Here are a few ideas on sugar free brown sugar substitute. If you’re just out of brown sugar or simply trying to find alternatives, then you can try this simple substitute.


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Brown Sugar Substitute for Healthy Sweet Alternatives

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Here are a few ideas on sugar free Brown Sugar Substitute . If you’re just out of brown sugar or simply trying to find alternatives, then you can try this simple substitute. White Granulated Sugar and Molasses Coconut Sugar Muscovado Sugar Maple Sugar


White Granulated Sugar and Molasses For a perfect substitute, simply change the brown sugar in the recipe with granulated sugar. Brown sugar is granulated sugar with some molasses added to it. You might observe that a subtle change is there in the taste, but the difference is usually very minimal. Sometimes, while making cookies, you might see that your cookies are crisper and have a lighter color than normal. This still won’t be a deal breaker for you.

Coconut Sugar :

Coconut Sugar Over a few years, coconut sugar has become very popular and well-known for being a healthy alternative to sugar. It’s important to understand the benefits of using coconut sugar if you’re looking for healthy brown sugar substitute

Reasons to switch from brown sugar:

Reasons to switch from brown sugar Coconut sugar has a low range in Glycemic Index count as opposed to the normal sugar. Any high GI food can make your blood sugar increase suddenly and this can take a toll on your health.   Did you know that coconut sugar is high on nutrients ?  It has 16 calories and four grams of carbohydrate per teaspoon. It is also high on antioxidants, iron, calcium and potassium.   If you’re still looking for one of the most sought-after natural sweeteners, then coconut sugar is your answer. Producing it doesn’t involve an intensive refining process and that’s why coconut sugar is absolutely pure and natural. Use it while preparing drinks or any special dessert . Coconut sugar has about 400 times more potassium than white sugar. It has a higher levels of magnesium, sodium, and potassium. It also helps in regulating the body’s water content as well.

Muscovado Sugar :

Muscovado Sugar Muscovado sugar is an uncouth or mostly refined unadulterated sweetener with a solid molasses flavor and high dampness content. It has a marginally coarse surface and feels clingy to the touch. Known for its rich molasses and toffee-like flavor , muscovado is somewhat very basic in Europe. It is picking up consideration in different countries in the world, including the United States, so high-quality sugar is getting simpler to discover.

Usage of Muscovado Sugar :

Usage of Muscovado Sugar The rich flavor of muscovado sugar is regularly utilized in cake and treats, here and there in confections. It matches best with chocolate-based products like brownies and treats. Gingerbread and comparative dark seasoned desserts are likewise a decent match, and it makes a delightful caramelized frozen yogurt. Muscovado makes an astounding sugar for espresso and tea, or when sprinkled over the highest point of oats and yogurt.

Maple Sugar :

Maple Sugar You’ve heard of every kind of sugar, but this sounds new, what is it? Chances are you’re already very familiar with the sweetness that is offered by Maple syrup, right? You have eaten it on waffles, pancakes, oatmeal, or ice-cream sundae. The maple sugar tends to be a simpler item for home cooks, gourmet specialists or eateries to utilize as a result of its storability and adaptability. It can likewise be utilized as fixing or utilized anyplace other sugar would be utilized to include flavor or sweetness. The kind of numerous items is improved by utilizing maple sugar instead of white sugar and is particularly noted by numerous buyers for its normal and supportable source. 

The Process of Making Maple Sugar :

The Process of Making Maple Sugar Granulated maple sugar is made by warming unadulterated maple syrup until the temperature is 50° to 60° F over the breaking point of water. Following cooking, the syrup is mixed quickly until granulation is accomplished. Blending should be done by hand or by utilizing a mechanical mixing machine. Blending proceeds until all dampness is basically expelled from the cooked syrup and brittle, granulated sugar remains. The sugar is filtered to make a uniform item. A quart of syrup will yield around 2 pounds of granulated sugar.

Why it is a good brown sugar substitute? :

Why it is a good brown sugar substitute? Muscovado is the best choice with regards to sweetness as it carries the wholesomeness of sugar as well. Muscovado sugar is called as a characteristic, solid dark colored sugar substitute. It owes its forceful flavor to the polluting influences that are uncovered out of the refined sugars. Despite the fact that molasses is the most nutritive segment of the sugar stick plant, Muscovado sugar is more beneficial than a typical dark colored sugar, thus making it the perfect brown sugar substitute.

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