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Insurance : 

Insurance General insurance

General insurance : 

General insurance What is general insurance? Why should one insure? Who should buy general insurance? What kind of policies are there? How much should I insure for? On what basis claim is paid?

Products of General Insurance : 

Products of General Insurance Personal Line -Private car -House - Pets ,etc . Commercial Line -Public liability, product liability and commercial fleet

Types of General Insurance : 

Types of General Insurance Property Insurance Insurance of the Person Lifestyle Insurance Package Insurance

Property Insurance : 

Property Insurance Home Contents Insurance -Insurance of the house property Homeowner Insurance -Insurance of the contents of the house Motor Insurance –Insurance of Motor vehicle

Home Insurance : 

Home Insurance What are the losses/ perils covered under this policy? What is the procedure for assessing the value of home structure and its contents? live on rent, why would require insurance? What are the exclusions of this policy? if a house is sold? Optional covers: Terrorism cover What to do in case of a claim? Burglary cover

Motor Insurance : 

Motor Insurance What is motor insurance? How is motor insurance different from other forms of general insurance? Why do I need motor insurance? What is the kind of emergency that can strike? What are the exclusions under the policy? What is the difference between private motor insurance and commercial motor insurance? What are the types of motor insurance policy? TPL policy? TPPD Cover?

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