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United Cereal Case Eurobrand Launch:

United Cereal Case Eurobrand Launch Abby Gehlhausen, Jianhan Wang, Gunhee Yae & Joe Mattingly

McKinsey’s 7S Framework:

McKinsey’s 7S Framework Strategy Structure Shared Values

Current UC Strategy:

Current UC Strategy Customer-Centric Decisions “See us coming a mile away, but bet the farm ” Brand Equity

Eurobrand Strategy:

Eurobrand Strategy Homogenization of product offerings Reduction in Marketing costs Smaller focus groups

Strategic Information:

Strategic Information Small scale tests vs. Larger launches Costs savings vs. F ailed launch costs Are taste differences truly eroding? Initial pricing strategy Advertising initiatives L ong term ads are 60% more likely to work than short term sales promotions.

Current UC Structure :

Current UC Structure Brand Manager currently only oversees one product Country Managers have authority over individual country To launch a new product approval of many is needed Country Manager’s follow United Cereal’s structure

Eurobrand Structure:

Eurobrand Structure Centralized Leadership Dilutes responsibility from Country Managers Eurobrand Teams

Information for Structure:

Information for Structure Comfort with o rganizational changes Reduction of Brand Equity? Smaller Share of Market? Did the product concept complete the new product development stages? i.e. test markets Making the advertisements

UC’s Current Shared Values:

UC’s Current S hared V alues Conservative Culture Heavy Investment in R&D Long Authorization Channels

Eurobrand Shared Values :

Eurobrand Shared Values Likely to become more aggressive as a result of Eurobrand Initiative Less Research and Delays Potential loss of the UC way, which is “Listen to the customer”

Importance of Eurobrand’s Shared Values :

Importance of Eurobrand’s Shared Values Can United Cereal maintain their customer focus without as much market research? Employee response to more decision making freedom

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