Intro and Alkylating Agents

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Cancer Treatment Surgery Radiation Chemotherapy Antineoplastic Agents Palliative Remission inhibit nucleic acid synthesis and function development growth spread of malignant cells Adverse Effects cytotoxic rapidly-dividing cells against gastrointestinal tract hair skin bone marrow reproductive organs fetus Cytotoxic Agents Antimetabolites Alkylating Agents Antibiotics Alkaloids (from plants) Hormonal Therapy Miscellaneous Agents Interferons Monoclonal Antibodies Radioactive Isotopes A A A A M R I H o T

Alkylating Agents : 

Alkylating Agents Binds covalently to nucleophilic groups Tumor Cell DNA Alkylation Death = Cycling cells Resting cells = Rapidly-dividing cells + other agents Lymphatic Cancers Solid Cancers MUTAGENIC CARCINOGENIC

Alkylating Agents : 

Alkylating Agents Mechanisms of Action Alkyl Group Attachment Cross Bridge Formation Nucleotide Mispairing

Alkyl Group Attachment : 

Alkyl Group Attachment

Cross Bridge Formation : 

Cross Bridge Formation

Nucleotide Mispairing : 

Nucleotide Mispairing

Alkylating Agents : 

Alkylating Agents

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