cancer biology

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Critical Events : 

Critical Events CANCER INITIATION PROMOTION PROGRESSION genetics infections toxicants other environmental factors

Contact Inhibition : 

Contact Inhibition forms only one layer of cells forms more than one layer of cells cells in contact with each other stop dividing cells multiply in an uncontrolled manner Cancerous Cells Normal Cells Loss ofContact Inhibition

Slide 7: 

mitosis growth factors

Slide 8: 

mitosis CELL CYCLE

Slide 9: 

p53 mutated p53 X CANCER

Oncogenes : 

Oncogenes normal cell abnormal cell apoptosis Inactive Oncogene Activated Oncogene tumor cell Oncogenes ras gene src gene

proto-oncogene : 

proto-oncogene normal gene mutations UV oncogene proto-oncogene CANCEROUS

Normal Cells : 

Normal Cells contact inhibition regulated growth factors suppressor genes oncogenes Cancer Cells

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