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The Label by Louis Philippe is an e-magazine i.e mens fashion magazine that chronicles the lifestyle of the truly discerning man of today. for more detail visit


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Mens Fashion Magazine BY The Label: A lifestyle magazine by Louie Philippe

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The Label: by Louie Philippe The Label  by Louis Philippe is an e-magazine i.e mens fashion magazine that chronicles the lifestyle of the truly discerning man of today. With a focus on new and emerging social trends,  The Label  has sections devoted to fashion, grooming, leisure, gadgets, automobiles, spaces and health and fitness. From urbane fashion and epicurean delights to luxury travel and gadgets, we cover the gamut in the world of men’s lifestyle. Visit : The Label

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The label is divided in 4 categories Fashion : T his category contains online mens fashion magazine which shows latest mens fashion. Boy’s toys : Its gives information about latest car, games, mobile phones and latest technologies . Lifestyle : I ts provides information about fitness, works, sports, foods, drinks Travel : It’s a travel guide about I ndia and international like usa , uk ets .. The Label: by Louie Philippe Visit : The Label

Lifestyle Magazine:

Lifestyle M agazine The label is a life style magazine for men. Its shares some of the most valuable information for men about living a healthy lifestyle, sports trend, how to get performance appraisal, cool gadgets for your new home etc. It’s a complete online lifestyle magazine for men which they can use in their daily life. Visit: Life Style Magazine

Boy’s Toys:

Boy’s Toys In this online magazine you can get valuable information about upcoming super bike, car, and mobile phones and many more. Latest game which is very famous around the world. Its also share information about car and bike which made in India but spread over the world. Visit: Boy’s toys


Travel This online article gives the information about best place in I ndia for visiting. You can easily get the information about India like in which monsoon which place is best for visit. Its also a travel guide. You can easily get information about particular place like, 5 must-do road trips around new Delhi etc. Visit: Travel

Fashion Tips For Men:

Fashion Tips For Men 1. Say no to comfort we are saying about comfort fits—especially when it comes to shirts. Wear regular and slim fit  . 2 . Choose light fabrics Heavy-knit, bulky corduroy and textured tweed are all stylish, but they are thick fabrics and heavy. Choose light weight fabrics for your comfort. Visit: Fashion Tips For Men 3. Invest in a 3-button blazer A three-button  blazer  conceals your belly better, whereas a 2-button one can create a slight, visible bulge .



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