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Dr. Abdul Rao's Ambition- Enriched Health Services For women

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Dr. Abdul Rao is the MD, Ma, D. Phil and has been serving as the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of the Institute Of Women's Health from April 01st, 2009. Dr. Abdul Rao has over two decades of professional experience and proficiency in healthcare and both public and private universities in the United States.

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Dr. Abdul Rao has served USF Health as the Vice Dean for Research and Graduate Studies and for the College of Medicine as the Senior Associate Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies. For finest health care for women, the institute of Women's Health of North America is a premier place. Established in 1997, the institution is a non-for-profit 503(c) (3) organization which is registered in the State of Florida.

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The Institute of Women's Health of North America is headquartered in Orlando and has six affiliated clinical and research sites in the State of Florida that delivers comprehensive healthcare for women ranging from State approved counseling and testing for HIV/AIDS, STD's, diagnosis and treatment of breast, uterine and cervical cancers, pap smears, routine gynecological services, family planning, birth control etc.

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The institute has been aiming to improve women's health through exceptional clinical care, cutting-edge translational and clinical research, education and community outreach. The institute has Board Certified physicians, researchers, nurse practitioners and allied health staff.

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About Dr. Abdul Rao Dr. Abdul S. Rao did his medical degree from Dow Medical University, Karachi, Pakistan, in 1983. After completing his residency training in Orthopedic Surgery, Abdul Rao joined the Department of Physiology, Boston University School of Medicine and graduated in 1989 with a M.A., in Physiology.

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He completed a year of post-doctoral Research Fellowship in the Department of Neurology, Harvard Medical School. Dr. Abdul Rao joined the Nuffield Department of Surgery, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK, as a Clinical Instructor from 1990-1993. He graduated from the University of Oxford with a D.Phil., (Doctor of Philosophy) in Transplantation Immunology in 1993.

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