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Dr. Abdul Rao USF Led Research at Three Primary Colleges at USF

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Dr. Abdul Rao held the post of Senior Associate Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies at USF Health. Dr. Rao was also the Vice Dean for Research and Graduate Studies at the College of Medicine. He played an important role in bridging the gap in research at USF and USF Healthy campuses.

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Dr. Abdul Rao is well known for his expertise in his chosen field and professionals in the medical industry look up to him for guidance and inspiration. Dr. Rao finished his medical degree from Dow Medical University, Karachi, Pakistan in 1983 and completed his residency training in Orthopedic Surgery.

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He joined the Department of Physiology, Boston University School of Medicine and graduated in 1989 with a Masters in Physiology. Dr. Abdul Rao USF also completed a year of Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship in the Department of Neurology, Harvard Medical School.

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From 1990-1993, he worked as a clinical instructor at the Nuffield Department of Surgery, University of Oxford, Oxford UK. He completed his graduation from University of Oxford in 1993 with a D.Phil (Doctor of Philosophy) in transplantation immunology.

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The work done by Dr. Abdul Rao USF was hailed as next frontier on bringing complex scientific findings to bear on improving health. Stephen Klasko, M.D, M.B.A., Vice President of USF Health and Dean of the College of Medicine suggest that Dr. Abdul Rao USF had the leadership qualities

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Dr. Abdul Rao, USF has said that he was delighted to get such an opportunity to work with faculty, staff and students at the USF Health institutes and enhance the research capacity while improving the quality of the graduate programs.

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He is positive about being a part of the institute as a catalyst in the process of its transformation towards a better future for science and medical fraternity. He led research that tied three main USF health colleges of Medicine, Nursing and Public Health.

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