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GCC Marketing is a leading digital marketing agency in Dubai offering web design, web development, Search Engine Optimization (Local SEO and Global SEO), SMM, PPC & email marketing services.


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Why UX critical to SEO future The SEO techniques have gone through large number of changes in past few years. Google keeps on changing its algorithms and so as the organizations. Organizations have to follow what Google says and Do. Whether it is SEO or techniques of getting the back links or the ranking on search engine it all comes down to one aspect i.e Visitors. Getting the visitors and converting them to the customers is all what is needed and every company is working for. To do that effectively you need to create an experience which draws the user towards it which make them feel connected to the website and their likes concerns needs which gradually leads to conversions. Ultimately you need to create a User Experience which is unique and is needed.

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To keep up with the time and need what is needed is to broaden the SEO perspective and involve UX as one of the major factors to improve the conversions and ranking. Following are the key points to consider: Broadening of SEO skill set by including UX: SEO and UX are never considered to be related. Google with its ever changing algorithms focuses on providing the best user experience. With recent changes and advancement in algorithms it has now become a fact that this focus will only intensify over the coming time. So it is pivotal to make UX as a part of SEO toolkit. As an industry we need to focus more on broadening up the SEO skill set. UX must evolve to multi dimensional approach: UX teams mostly depend on horizontal approach to get the result. Means that they broadly depend on home page for the success of the website. Taking this point to review make it more clear that having multiple entry points makes the UX better suited for organic searches. Less than 40 of the people start their searches from the home page.

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So keeping in mind this fact it is important to have multiple entry points rather than having a linear approach. If we adapt these points we would be able to influence the organic search rankings by SEO Company techniques which would in return benefits the organization and customer as well by providing the best UX along with the best search results. Website - http://www.gcc-marketing.com

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