How to Build a Chat App like WhatsApp, Viber, LINE, Wechat


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Want to create/develop/build/make a chat app like WhatsApp, Viber, LINE, Wechat by using Apphitect Instant Messaging Solution in few hours. Apphitect IM Solution a readymade solutions include an used to build chat apps for enterprise, social, in-app and social needs.


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Apphitect IM Solution The Quickest Way to Build a Chat App Like WhatsApp

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Global Chat App Chart Toppers

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3 How Much Does it Cost to Build a Chat App Like WhatsApp

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1.Team 2010 2016 2-4 Android developer 1 Ui/Ux Designers 2 QA Engineer 2-3 Backend developer 3-4 iOS developer 1 Project manager 2 Android developer Ui/Ux Designers 1-2 QA Engineer 1 Backend developer 2 iOS developer 1 Project manager

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2.Chat App Features 2010 2016 Account Management Multifunctional Chat Contact List User Profile Server for Messages Contact Management Offline Contact Location Sharing Encrypted Message Files upload/download Message Search Delivery Reading Confirmation Push app in-app Notification Friend Adding Media Sending Voice/Group Voice Calls Contacts/Message Marketing

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3.Total Time Line of Building An App like WhatsApp 2010 iOS iOS Design Android Android Design Backend Development QA PM 500 hours 150 hours 500 hours 100 hours 550 hours 20 total time 10 total time Over 1500 hours Up to 300 hours Over 1500 hours Up to 150 hours Over 1800 hours 20 total time 10 total time 2016 WhatsApp

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4.How Much Does it Cost to Make a Chat App Like 2010 From 47000 at 20/hour 2016 WhatsApp

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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elit. Integer non est in enim placerat varius. Maecenas tempus massa eget ex consequat ut rhoncus urna dignissim. Building a Mobile Chat App is Difficult Not Necessarily To Make a chat app like WhatsApp current market leaders the effort and capital involved is huge. For those who are aiming for a less launch time and slight reduction in development capital readymade solution is the best option.

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Here is Where Apphitect’s IM Solution Can Help a Great Deal

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Why Apphitect IM Solution Apphitect IM Solution is one such promising Instant Messaging solution provided by one of the mobile app development companies in UAE Apphitect. It helps build a chat app identical to WhatsApp Viber WeChat etc.

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Build Feature Rich App for Any Industry eCommerce Hospital Fashion Travel

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How Apphitect IM Solution Works

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Technicalities Used in Apphitect Chat App The heavy lifting and storage when it comes to multimedia file saving is done via Amazon S3 Bucket. Amazon S3 Bucket ERLANG language complements the Ejabberd server used by Apphitect for accommodating a huge communication system. Erlang A customized Ejabberd achieves operational efficiency and the XMPP protocol speeds up user sessions. Ejabberd Server MySQL collects user details while Mnesia manages multiple user login sessions. Mnesia MySQL For superfast chat log archiving retrieving Apphitect IM Solution makes use of Cassandra database. Cassandra Database

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Highlight Features ➢ Private Group Chat ➢ Offline Message ➢ Push Notification ➢ Voice Video Calling ➢ Location Sharing ➢ File Sharing ➢ Social Sharing

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Why You Use Apphitect Chat App And still more possibilities with customization... ➢ It’s User Friendly ➢ It’s 100 Customizable ➢ Plenty of Compelling Features

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How it Helps Improve Business Productivity A dedicated chat app for organization Improve Inter office Communication All device Sync Storage Impregnable Security Scalable at will Fully-controllable

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“ Used all over the World by organizations belonging to diverse business backgrounds ” Global Presence Perfected communication One goal achieved:

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Using Apphitect’s IM Solution You will never mess up enterprise communication anymore Thanks For Watching

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